Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tennessee or Bust!

The kids and I set out from Fort Worth yesterday at 1:30. 9 hours, 7 stops to potty and a tank and a half of gas later, we arrived at Bobbie's house.

I'd forgotten to print the mapquest directions before we left home, and this was my first visit to see her since she moved to Tennessee. So on the phone somewhere along the way, I told her I'd call as soon as we got to Jackson, and she could talk me in. But instead of calling Bobbie, I called Darren, and he mapquested for me. Soon enough, I was pulling into her driveway. As soon as my headlights hit her house, the phone rang. It was her!

"How close are you?" she asked.

I thought for a split second that she knew we were right outside, but I decided to test my theory just in case. "Uh, we just crossed the Mississippi River into Memphis." I answered. She was totally bummed that we were still over an hour away. As soon as we hung up, the kids and I giggled and squealed and snuck up to the front door. Dani tried it, and it was unlocked, so we waltzed right in.... down the hall...into the kitchen, where Brittani turned and SCREAMED. Then Dani screamed, then much hugging and squealing and screaming ensued, both from the two of them and from my and my beloved Seester.

Within 60 seconds, Brittani and Dani jumped in the pool, fully clothed. Aidan and Ian were right behind them. Never mind that it was almost 11 o'clock at night. This morning, that's the first thing the boys wanted to do again. :)

So here we are.


Stacie said...

You're sooo sneaky! ;) Have a great visit with your sis!


IStandAmazed said...

Tell Bobby I said "Hi"!