Friday, July 21, 2006


This afternoon, out of the blue, Ian walked up to Aunt Bobbie and said, "When people hurt my feelings, I run out of energy."

She looked and him, cocked her head to the side, pouted her lips, and said, "Awww. When people are mean to you, you run out of energy?"

"Yah," he answered. "And when someone is REALLY mean to me, the only energy I have left is right here," he said, pointing to his big toe.

"How do you get your energy back?" Bobbie asked.

"By drinking."


Ian is thirsty. ALWAYS thirsty. That kid arrived in this world begging for a drink. When he was about 3, it actually worried me enough to ask the doctor, "Could he be diabetic? 'Cause he begs for water all the time!"

He loves water. But it has to be cold - from the filtered water thingamajiggy in the fridge. Now that he's tall enough, he's happy to help himself to all the water he can drink. I think it's cool that he's so in touch with his thirst and so adamant about having it quenched NOW.

I'm not that way. Sometimes, I'll get a headache and the first thing that I think is, "Ah. Probably dehydrated. I haven't had anything to drink all day long." (There's a spiritual analogy to be made here, I just know it.)

Ian's right. Drinks DO give you energy. And he's entirely correct that mean people sap it right out of you. Makes me wonder, though. He's only 4. How many mean people experiences has he really had? Sometimes, his wisdom scares me. Am I smart enough to raise this precious kid?

Tonight, as we floated around in the pool (I was the Mommy Shark, he was the Baby Shark and Aidan & Brianna were the doomed teenagers on inflatable rafts. lol), he asked, "Mommy. When sharks get thirsty, what do they drink?"

See, Bobbie's pool is salt water. I told the boys to stop drinking it the first day we were here, 'cause pool water isn't healthy for you. I told them it was salty like the ocean. Ian is now worried about sharks and what they drink when they need energy.

What DO sharks drink? I answered the way any Mom worth her salt would answer:

"Let's ask Daddy."



Anonymous said...

hmm ... thirsty sharks?

sounds like a job for Google

try (scroll to the bottom of the page)

It seems that sharks' bodies are constantly absorbing the seawater around them (but not the salt) so that they don't actually have to "drink", unlike most other types of fish, which need to drink almost constantly.

Some day we'll see "Deep Thoughts by Ian Kocur" on SNL. :-)


P.S. "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." Mostly we thirst because we drink the wrong stuff. Love you!

Meg said...

I don't think Darren (or Google) are correct in this case. Sharks drink "Ocean Water" from Sonic. What they really need is Turkey Hill Iced Tea though! Love ya and miss ya girl! =)

Anonymous said...

and another genius gene from the Kocur family... he looks just like daddy and is as smart as him.. if not smarter.. .GREAT!

Love you guys.. hope you are having a blast.. wish i were somewhere else myself

Nancy D. said...


Ian and Emma.....

Mr. Profound and Miss "Too Many Wonders In My Head".... those two could be scary in the same room...

(and he's right. Drinking IS the best way to deal with mean people.)