Monday, July 24, 2006

Dani's Fun Fifteenth

So. My daughter is fifteen today. How can that be?
Just yesterday, she was wacking off her baby curls with a pair of my craft scissors.
Just yesterday, she was jumping from the chair and nearly biting through her tongue when her chin hit the corner of the table. She was singing to her baby cousin Brittani, just two years younger than she. She was shooing me away from her classroom on the first day of Kindergarten. She was telling me not to walk on the grass, 'cause the sign said not to. She was building her first snowman, coming down with chicken pox, winning her first essay contest. She was nursing her first bad sunburn, her first broken heart, her first real fight with me. She was crawling, walking, running, laughing, learning, growing, crying, writing, singing, soccering, guitaring, eye shadowing, flirting... and now she's fifteen. So soon. Isn't she lovely?

That's Brittani (all grown up herself), Dani, Marcus (Dani's friend in Memphis whose family shared dinner with us tonight at Olive Garden - Dani and Marcus met earlier this summer when his youth group came to Fortress to do mission work!), and Brianna.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you made it safely to your "seesters" - yes, I've been reading your blog.

What an enjoyable evening! It was great meeting all of you, worshiping and helping Dani celebrate her birthday. What a cute picture. Glad the battery held out.

As soon as we pulled in our driveway, I remembered I forgot to look for a coupon for Mud Island. I've got one if you want me to meet you somewhere tomorrow morning. I gave you my cell number but never got yours. So call me, I'll be up rather early and Marcus has to be at school for band camp by 8 -- but he likes to get there a little early.


Veronica in Aus said...

Happy happy birthday Dani!!!

Anonymous said...

i remember little Dani the annoying one, the one that was playing teacher one night with my mother in law and since she wasn't minding Dani.. was spanking her. I remember the little girl with the crush on my then husband.. (you NOW qualify to be his wife!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! time flies by so fast which means that I have known you guys for 10 years now! smooch

Anonymous said...

A very Happy, Happy Birthday to a lovely young lady! Dani, I've watched you grow over the years via the web, since I have only met yer ma in person, but I am wholly impressed with the young woman you are becoming. Have a glorious an blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that anon above with the happy happy is me!

Kris in TX

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday Dani!! You are growing up to be such a beautiful young lady (both inside and out).

Stacy, how funny that you post this today as today is my niece, Ashley's, birthday and she is 15 as well. Also, my sister's birthday is June 24th, which I know is your birthday too. Small small world. I haven't had the time to get to any crops nor post much on Scrapshare, but I sure do hope to meet your lovely family some day.

God Bless,
Pamela (from Scrapshare)

ginger said...

Happy Birthday, Dani!!

Martha in CA said...

Happy Birfday to Dani!