Thursday, July 13, 2006

the blues

Got an Elton John song rollin' through my head, and it ain't "Crocodile Rock".

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Don't wish it away
Don't look at it like it's forever
Between you and me I could
honestly say
That things can only get better

And while I'm away
Dust out the demons inside
And it won't be long before you and me run
To the place in our hearts where we hide

And I guess that's why they call it the blues
Time on my hands could be time spent with you
Laughing like children, living like lovers
Rolling like thunder under the covers
And I guess that's why they call it the blues

Just stare into space
Picture my face in your hands
Live for each second without hesitation
And never forget I'm your man

Wait on me girl
Cry in the night if it helps
But more than ever I simply love you
More than I love life itself

Music by Elton John and Davey Johnstone
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Too Low For Zero
© 1983 Big Pig Music Limited
I don't know why I have the blues, really.
Just today, I've felt sort of... weary.
Kinda blue.

Cranked out 32 client pages today. You'da thunk THAT woulda fired me up.


Made a gourmet meal of mac and cheese tonight, and when I went to drain the macaroni, I let the pan slip and all the noodles went straight down the disposal. I handled it OH so well by exclaiming, "HOLY CRAP!", then by throwing the pan in the garbage. Then I cried.

Darren rescued the pan later, washed it, and put it away.

I love that man. I'm sure he doesn't understand what in the WORLD is wrong with me today, 'cause I don't even understand. But boy, does he GET it. Makes me cry all over again.



Anonymous said...

You've got a great man Stacy.

Anonymous said...


I've been there myself this week. Maybe it's because Dani's at camp and the boys are running roughshod all over us without her help. :-)

Or maybe it's because we miss the cool, quiet refreshment of the mountains.

Or maybe there's been so much to do this week that we're just a bit run down.

Anyway, I'm glad I was a comfort to you.


Anonymous said...

gag gag puke! ahhhhhhhhhhh you guys are so sweet.. but when you feel like you have the blues remember i am at home alone with 5 kids for 5 days! while might i add Kraig is playing golf in Chicago... Darren you are too good! i even love you.

IStandAmazed said...

Is Aunt Flo due for a visit soon? That's when I get, not emotional. I get cranky and irritable towards David. Sometimes even hostile. Then I go crying to David asking him to forgive me for being so rotten to him. He always understands. Both our husbands are so great.

Beth said...

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. My wonderful hubby's response on my crabby days... "Why don't you go lock yourself in the bathroom and take a long bath?"

What a sweetie. Ain't it great to have an understanding mate?

Scrappygirl said...

Been there often. Revisit it frequently. Boy how I hate feeling that way. Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm glad you have someone as wonderful as Darren to be there for you when you're feeling blue.

I love that Elton John song too. I bought that album just for that song. I now own a couple-a compilations on CD with that song. Great song. Played it often when my best friend was over in Saudi. times I was worrying about him or just sad that I couldn't pick up the phone and talk to him, I played that song. Drove. My. Roomies. Nuts.