Saturday, January 07, 2006

While You Were Sleeping

... we were hot tubbing!

Just the boys and me.
2 o'clock in the morning.
44 degrees outside.
103 degrees in the hot tub.
Plenty of steam.
Fair amount of stars.
Lots of whispering.
Good times.
One for the memory books.


Stacy said...

And I know you're wondering...

"Why two o'clock in the morning? Is there something WRONG with you?"

Actually, yes. I'm a night owl extraordinaire. And my boys inherited that gene. Daddy and Dani are out of town tonight, so we're being bad. There will be much sleeping in tomorrow. :)

Sue said...

What a fun kids LOVE when I do something out of the norm for me, so while your boys know you are wacky and stay up late, letting go tubbin' so late is very cool!

Veronica in Aus said...

What fun....I was thinking "but it's winter there!" because we used to swim in our pool late at night too - but only in the summer on a hot sticky night.

newsgirl said...

these are the things that are remembered by kids... the thing that is RIGHT with you is that you make these memories for them!!!


Noel the Dog said...

We woke up Gilly a while back to star gaze. She fell asleep again after a while in our arms while we stared and smiled. We are blessed :)

Bobbie said...

That sounds so yummy fun.

DKelly said...

I love it Stace!!! You're my kind of gal. It's good for both of us that we don't live near each other as we'd be a bad influence on each other. I'm the night own and my boys just go along with whatever I'm doing. Why? Because it's fun!! Whenever I'm having fun, they want to be there, too. I've been working their way back to a bedtime. Saturday night -- 11:30; Sunday night -- 11pm; Tonight -- who knows!! But they have "church school" tomorrow (Mothers Day Out) so I have to get them up WAY earlier than what we've been doing the past 2 week.

You're a GREAT Mommy!!!