Monday, January 30, 2006

one for the memory books

We attend church in the inner city - the GHETTO - and let me tell ya. Our song service isn't ordinary. We're on our feet most of the time, singing, having a good time, not bein' scared to raise our hands if the feeling hits us. And man, do we JAM. For a cappella singing, I must say: it is ROCKIN'! I love it.

Aidan and Ian generally don't participate. They mostly sit in their seats, pouty-faces to the crowd, refusing to be drawn in by the energy-enthused music. This, I readily admit, is my fault. I let them stay up too late on Saturday nights. Must get better about that.

So ANYWAY. They rarely sing along, and I'm always surprised when, at home, they bust in to song. "Hey!" I accuse them. "You DO know those songs. Let's hear some singin' next time we're at Fortress, okay?"

Tonight, we were cruisin' down the road in The Van, when Aidan started singing "Firm Foundation". Soon enough, Ian joined in. I was stunned. Really. I was. It's not a kid-friendly song like, say, "Get Right Church" or "Tell Me LOUDER, Where Your Jesus At (Whoop,THERE IT IS!)" or "View that Holy City" with all its choreographed fun parts. But nonetheless, Aidan and Ian were in the backseat, belting out "Firm Foundation" with their sweetest voices.

"...Jesus, you're my firm foundation. I put my trust in your holy bird..."

"NO, AIDAN! You're singing it wrong!" shouted Ian, completely and totally offended. "It goes like THIS: 'I put my trust in your holy WORM!"

They argued about it for a mile, while I struggled to keep the van on the overpass between rocking fits of laughter.

"Jesus, you're my firm foundation. I put my trust in your Holy Word." Maybe I'll correct them tomorrow. But tonight, I just had to let it slide. :)


Nancy P said...

I love it! My two boys do that as well. They love to sing and are constantly singing the words as they "hear" them. I wish I could think of a good example but one is not coming to mind. That is one of my favorite things listening to my kids spontaneously burst into praise songs!

Martha in CA said...


Tears in my eyes from laughing...can't see the screen to type...

heh, heh, heh!!!

Martha said...

That's too funny! Life with boys...never a dull moment!

Veronica in Aus said...

Love it!!!! I can just picture the whole scene....and the argument over the correct word ;)

How funnny :)

Colleen said...

Too cute!
Reminds me of a conversation I overheard in a preschool class years ago.

Boy #1. Mine is gooder than yours.
Boy #2. Uh-uh! Mine is gooder!
Boy #3. I think mine is better.
Boy #1. The word is GOODER!

Kaye said...

Too cute! Aren't kids fun??