Monday, January 02, 2006


This year, I resolved to not make any resolutions. It's just a waste of time, really, since I never seem to adhere to them anyway. And by cracky, I can't even seem to keep a no-resolution resolution, 'cause here I go makin' some!! (Just didn't seem right to blow 'em off so coldly.)

1. Build my business. This includes some smallish details that must be accomplished THIS MONTH:
a. decide on a business name. Nothing cutesy. How does "CowtownStacyDoesn'tSleep" grab ya? No? Suggestions welcomed.
b. Secure the domain name.
c. Design the website and find someone to do the techy stuff.
d. Have brochures and cards printed - FINALLY. Been putting this off for two years now.
e. Call my almost-clients and turn them into definite-clients.
f. Connect with current clients after the holiday craziness.

I've already made some giant strides on the website front... and tomorrow, I'll make those contacts. :)

2. Go walking with Darren 3 nights a week. I think we'll actually DO this. :)

3. Take my medicine every. darn. day.

4. Cook more often than not. Egads.

5. Drink water BEFORE my mouth starts sticking to itself.

6. Get quasi-regular pedicures for my ever-nasty hoof feet.

7. Spend more time with my girlfriends. Life is busy. SO WHAT?

8. Increase my income enough to add a car payment to the budget.

9. Host a dinner party for my neighbors.

10. Host a murder mystery for my best buds.


Cara said...

I like these resolutions!! When we are spending more time together, and I doing the semi-regular pedicures on your hoofs or do we get to go the pedicure shop???;)

Ginger said...

My resolutions the past several years have been to eat more & exercise less - trying reverse psychology since I always break my resolution. Hasn't worked yet:o(

What business names are you batting around? "Scrapbooks by Stacy" seems pretty straightforward!

Nancy D. said...

Cowtown Stacy Wants Your Money?

Bobbie said...

Picture Perfect Scrapbooking
designed by Cowtown Stacy