Thursday, August 04, 2005


We arrived at the Renaissance Skydome sometime after 1 a.m. Toronto time. I called the 800 number to rebook our flight, but finally gave up at 2:30 when I was still on hold. At that time, we had been awake for over 24 hours.

The next morning, I called again, and sat on hold for 59 minutes before finally talking to an agent. Once again, our seats were all over the plane, but she fixed it then and there. We had 11 hours until our flight left, so we decided to see a little bit of Toronto.

First, we took the boys swimming in the hotel pool. Then we walked down to the harbor and had lunch at Pier 4, a seafood restaurant. We asked how much the trip to the top of the CN tower cost, and decided to just admire the view from the ground.

We arrived back at the airport 3 hours early. Good thing we did, too. Everything was completley backlogged, trying to make room for all the cancelled flights from the day before, plus all the scheduled flights for that day. We stood in line after line, and arrived at our gate 5 minutes before they began boarding.

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