Thursday, August 04, 2005

Home at last!

Five hours later, we were pulling up to our house. Darren's dad had met with an A/C repairman on Monday, and learned that the compressor for our upstairs unit has gone kablooie. Has to be replaced. Cannot be repaired. So now we're getting estimates. (The initial estimate was for $2000. We'll shop around.) Darren and I pulled one of the futon mattresses downstairs and slept in the family room. The boys slept on the couch. Dani braved the heat and slept in her room, so desperate was she to sleep in her own bed again.

We were all sound asleep my midnight. And we were all awake by 7. Jet lag... not such a bad thing!

Ashlie was supremely happy to see us. She meowed and meowed... I think she was crying! LOL!

No time to breathe today....Dani has to be at her new high school at 1 to get her student ID. TOnight is parent orientation. And tomorrow, Dani has freshman orientaion all day.

Mom called a little while ago. She says we're not allowed to travel ever again, as she was sick the whole time we were gone with worry. She said there were times that she couldn't even hold a pen or dial a phone number because she was shaking so badly.

Yah. We're home. Everything's just as it was when we left. Mom's still a nutcase, TExas is still hot, and we're still a happy, active family.

Just checked my mail and found two happy packages... Jolee's die cuts of double decker buses, red phone booths, and Big Ben from Debbie and Jean. THANKS, MY FRIENDS!! After all of our big adventures, it's still the little things that mean the most. :)


becky said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. The adventures at the airport brought back many memories of my trip back from Europe. Remind me to tell you sometime. Would love to see your pictures. Love ya, Becky

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are all back home, safe and sound. I wish i could drive the short 25 minutes to see you, instead of the 9 hours it now takes....i miss you very much, can't wait for October to get here to see you guys and see all the awesome pictures. Bobbie

Denise Kelly said...

Stacy and Family -- What a privilege it's been to read your ongoing "Adventures of the Kocurs"!! DH and I would love to go to Ireland one day and check out "the Kelly" heritage -- there's much of it I'm sure! Thanks for your photos and all the wonderful, descriptive narratives of the many places you went. Most of all, I'm grateful you're home safe and sound!!