Monday, August 15, 2005

Death of a Blog

I'm in mourning.

Dani killed her blog.

She started it shortly after I started this one. It had but one post, on June 19th. It was titled "The People I Love". It was about why (and how much) she loved each of her brothers, and her Dad, and me. I read it often, as it was beautifully written and the words made my soul happy. I never printed it out...

but now I wish that I had. Because it's gone. She's taken down her blog, probably to start a new one somewhere else. She's fickle like that, silly Dani.

Silly me, for being so sad about a dead blog. But I AM sad. :(


Anonymous said...

Hey, girl. Remember me, Jeff Smith's little sister, Tara? Ok, I have to admit I have been fascinated w/this blogging thing since you e-mailed me your sight. If it's any consolation, I'm thinking about doing this to keep up-to-date w/my family and friends daily life. I haven't decided yet, but it's on my to-do list to consider. I know that doesn't make up for Dani's, but you may have inspired me to try it.:)
- Tara

Stacy said...

The REASON I delted it was because I had to sign off your name and sign on mine and then sign back on complicated!
I've got a new one at