Friday, August 12, 2005

Good Day

Dani did the dishes, and I didn't ask her to.

Aidan and Ian picked up their toys and took them upstairs, after I said, "Boys, there are too many toys down here that you're not playing with." I didn't TELL them to put them away. But they did.

Aidan told me he loved me several times.

Darren worked late, arriving home at 9:15. But he still took the boys out to the hot tub, then put them to bed.

Sonic screwed up and gave me a large drink when I'd only ordered a medium. They must've KNOWN I meant to order a large. I NEVER order a medium. :)

I called the internet store from whom I bought my wide angle lens last month to tell them it's defective. (Was completely bummed when I couldn't use it in Ireland. My fault for not checking it when it arrived.) They said that they have a 30-day return policy, and today was day 30. Lucky me. I had no idea. I'd been putting it off all week and MADE myself call today.

I slept late. Yah. The jet lag is completely gone and I'm already slipping back to my old (baaaaad) ways.

The kids LET me sleep late. When I awoke, Dani had just fixed the boys cereal and was cleaning the kitchen.

I'm a lucky duck!


Elaine said...

I love days like that. They don't come often enough, though, do they?

Bobbie said...

I get to experience this joy every now nd then. They are called "surprise" days for mom.:D I will walk in and the house is spotless, kitchen, living, bedrooms and the bathrooms. It is the best feeling.

Nancy D. said...

Tell Dani to tell Kaitlyn to get with the program.....