Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Overheard, part 2

"I've been bad. I colored on the table, 'cause I wanted to." ~Aidan, on the telephone to Grandma.

"I got in superDUPER trouble!" ~Aidan, answering Grandma's question of, "did you get in trouble?"

"I've learned all about being good." ~Aidan, unprompted, the day we lifted his being "grounded from his room for destroying his down-filled comforter with scissors and scribbling all over his train table and tracks".

"Not if you just DO it!" ~Aidan, in response to Ian's whiny "But that'll take forEBBER!" argument when I told them to pick up their toys. That Aidan. He's been listening to me!

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Elaine said...

Today's Helenism: Logic and Helen were snuggled on the sofa, and Logic got down. Helen said, "He's done. He's done with Helen."