Thursday, August 25, 2005


I can't be witty or quippy or observational or even conversational in today's blog, 'cause I puked my rice and grilled veggies up in the most disgusting Hobby Lobby bathroom this afternoon, and I still feel like puking now. This, once again, confirms for me that I can never be bulemic.



Martha in CA said...

Awwww, {{Stacy}}!! If I'da been with you, I would have held your hair for you!

Do you think it was some bad eats, or a stomach virus?

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Sue said...

B'ess yer heart!

That's what Tim and I say when one of us barfs! So sorry!

Elaine said...

As the nursemaid in a house full of sickies for the last week, I can say with 100% sympathy: "Hope you feel better soon!"

Cara said...

Rice and grilled veggies, a BAD barf!!! You well know that during my VERY LONG preg. barfing, I began to make a list (in my mind) of the horrible barfs, bearable barfs and the not so bad barfs. Rice and veggies would go right along with Mexican Inn chicken and rice, spagettii with meat sauce, McDonald ham and cheese bagle with secret sauce,......the list goes on and on. The other horrible thing I noticed was how I don't chew my food well. That makes it worse!!! If you continue to feel bad (and I hope you don't) I will let you know that the only thing that made it to the not-so-bad barf list was a Krispy Kreme Donut!!! Praying for you to feel better!! If you don't, give me a call, I know where the Krispy Kreme is!!

Nancy D. said...

First: Ick.
Second: Hugs.
Third: You were TOO witty and observational.... ;) Oh yes you were....

Elaine said...

Is observational even a word? LOL

Stacy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stacy said...

2 entries found for observational.
ob·ser·va·tion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (bzr-vshn)

The act or faculty of observing.
The fact of being observed.

The act of noting and recording something, such as a phenomenon, with instruments.
The result or record of such notation: a meteorological observation.
A comment or remark. See Synonyms at comment.
An inference or a judgment that is acquired from or based on observing.

Elaine said...

Interesting. I'd never heard it before.

Something new every day, right? :)