Monday, August 22, 2005

Bringin' out the best in me

You've heard me say it before, and here I go again. I hate being a girl. I don't much like women in general. They tend to bring out the worst in me, and that's a hard pill to swallow sometimes. I don't want to be gossipy, snarky, or judgmental. And yet, sometimes, I allow myself to be those things when I'm with women. I always hate myself when I do, and it's been happening a lot lately.

Then there are those people who bring out the best in me. I really should spend more time with them. Today, for instance, they surprised me with this:

I sat down at my desk, not feeling like working at all, and as I reached for the scissors, I noticed this, sitting there next to my pens. It changed my day. It changed ME today. My boys (all three of them, lol) picked the flowers yesterday, put them in this little Coke bottle that I fell in love with in Ireland, and left it for me to discover on my own. I must've been in my office a dozen times since they placed it there, and yet, they kept quiet about it and let me make the discovery. How I love my men!

Then there's this girl:

She brings out the best in me, too. She laughs. A lot. She makes me happy. She melts my frustrations. She believes in me. She holds me accountable. She inspires me. She encourages me. She TEACHES me. How blessed I am to call my daughter, my friend.


Bobbie said...


Cara said...

Okay, I agree with all of the wonderful things about your children. I happen to think they are wonderful too. About women....I find myself a little hurt. I hate to think that I "bring out the worst in you". I think as friends go we are pretty good ones and that while I can be my worst self with you, I can be my best self too. That is the great thing about friends. Then again, it could just be that wonderful woman thing called PMS!!! It is raging! =)

Stacy said...

Sweet Cara, first of all, there are a couple of key words here that you need to see again: "tend" and "sometimes". And besides. You've been out of town for over a week. How could I possibly be talking about you? ;) But really, it you think about it, complaining and gossiping and snarking are things that women do. A man friend of mine reminded me last night that men do NOT do it. Sometimes, it makes me wish I were a man. Know what I mean? lol

Cara said...

Agreed that women tend to do those things. Don't forget men do a lot of other things that are not the best of character!!! We are but mere mortals! Who were you hanging out with this week when you should have been in S. Padre with us??!! We said several times that we wished you and yours were there with us but ya'll just had to go to Ireland!!! Can't imagine why you would choose Ireland over the wonderful S. Padre!! *wink*

Bobbie said...

Hi, I am at work on break, but I saw this on my comp. monitor that was left behind and I thought of your blog....

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

Love ya!