Wednesday, June 06, 2007

movie pheater

Yesterday, I was IMing away with my friend Elaine when something made me turn around and look...

Is it wrong that the boys moved all these chairs into the room, then hauled every stuffed animal we own down the stairs, and I was oblivious to all of it?
Yah. I thought so too. They were all watching "The Three Amigos".

"It's a MOVIE PHEATER!" announced Ian.

I popped 'em some popcorn and let 'em eat it in the family room, 'cause, you know, it's the little things.


Kris with a K said...

My Alex used to take all the kitchen chairs into the hallway and line them up in single file, to make a choo choo. His animals were in the chairs, too.

Yeppers, it's the little things!

Veronica in Aus said...

It's a perfect movie pheater!! Too funny that you didn't notice all the activity though ;)

Anonymous said...

I love little boys! My two were always lining up every chair they could find and make a train that carried their stuffed animals. I hadn't thought of that in years. Thanks for bring back that memory

Jayne said...

Cute and so creative!

Anonymous said...

hahah it is hilarious that you had no clue that your two wittle boyz moved the house around, and their mommy had not an idea about it.

cute babies
Karen K

Amy said...

We used to do that all the time when we were little. Now I look back and am amazed at how much patience my mom had. We lined the kitchen chairs up and played airplane. We threw blankets over anything that stood still long enough and called it tents! I wish we had photos of some of our escapades! Great capture! Have a great week and I'll e mail when I get home from Alaska!

Jackietex said...

How polite that they started out in the back row! Those big ol' boys must not have wanted to block out anybodies view. Very cute!

agent713 said...

I thought the same thing as Jackie. They were nice enough to give the animals the front row! :)
I love how many of the stuffies are wolves too :)