Wednesday, June 20, 2007

camera update!

I called Dani's conference leader... who called the bus line (it was a charter bus).... who called the driver of Dani's bus... who said he DID find a camera, and locked it in the Lost and Found locker. The person with that key has left for the day, but I described the camera, and if it's the same one, we'll get it back. YAY YAY YAY! Cross your fingers.

Last minute details before my flight leaves :
  • the boys are packed for Grandma's (Darren's mom), including games, toys, and their favorite foods
  • I'm packed and ready to go
  • I almost left my new 2 gig memory card in the dang computer. THAT WOULD'VE SUCKED. Luckily, I looked down and noticed it there.
  • cell phone is charged. Charger is packed.
  • I managed to get three loads of laundry done: work clothes for darren, underwear for all, and the stuff I packed. Laundry is embarassingly piled up around here.
  • Scooped the cat litter.
  • Uploaded pictures to Walgreens in Oklahoma for my Daddy to pick up... mostly ones I've posted here of the kids in recent months. (I dont' think he reads my blog, and my Mom thinks computers are evil, so I know she doesn't.)
  • My flight was delayed almost an hour, which gives me time to blog! hee!
  • used my trusty CM scissors to give myself bangs. I always do random stuff like that when I'm leaving for a trip. ALWAYS. What's wrong with me? Don't worry. They're whispy, light, airy bangs, and they're long. I think it's okay.
  • spent last night hanging out with my two best buds in the UNIVERSE.... the friends that God gave to me when I prayed for good friends three years ago. Cara and Kristi. Joe T's, margaritas, swim suit shopping (we spent Kristi's gift certificate. It was her birthday we were celebrating), then a long, relaxing chat at a neighborhood pub. LOVE YOU BOTH, so much. See you Monday! MUAH!


DKelly said...

Yeah Stacy!! Go! Have a great trip!! Looks like you've got everybody and everything covered so you can have a good trip with Dani. I'm getting good vibes about that camera being yours in the Lost & Found!

LOVE that you trim your bangs with scrapbooking scissors . . . so do I!!! Nothing's wrong with you!! It's the perfect quick fix. At least you've never looked like a blue quail after trimming like I have!

Have a GREAT trip!!! Can't wait to see photos and read blog updates when you return!

Hugs, kisses and good wishes!

Nesa said...

have fun.

and love the new look!

Anonymous said...