Saturday, June 09, 2007


Both boys were overdue for haircuts. About two weeks ago, Ian mentioned that he wanted a mohawk. We talked about it briefly and I decided, what the heck. If my painfully shy child was going to have the guts to stand out in public with a mohawk, I wasn't going to stop him!

Several days ago, he announced that he'd changed his mind. No reason other than "I just did." I was a little disappointed - not because I was real keen on the idea of the mohawk itself, but because I thought it would've been a huge stride in him overcoming his shyness.

Thursday was the day. On the way to "Cool Cuts", Ian said, "Mom, I've been thinking about it. I'm getting a mohawk." I told him that if he was serious, he'd have to ask for it himself. (I'm mean, aren't I?)

When the gray-haired, Grandma-looking hair stylist was ready for him, she crouched down in front of him and said, "Hi, Ian. I'm Barbara." Ian didn't even let her finish before he blurted out, "I want a mohawk."

Those of you who know Ian in real life realize what a landmark occasion that was. Ian rarely speaks to those who KNOW him, much less strangers who kneel down and get in his face. He's more likely to growl than to speak. Grandma Lady looked at me with question in her eyes and said, "Is that okay with you, Mom?" I assured her it was, but told her that I didn't want him shaved; I asked her to use a #2 blade all around, and give him a short mohawk. I could tell she didn't approve of the whole thing. LOL!

Here he is. I figured I'd do the #2 and the short 'hawk so that when he DOESN'T have it spiked, it'll still look okay. I can't believe this is my Ian. I'm so proud of him for being bold and determined... and for be willing to stand out in a crowd. Cute, isn't he? (He'd growl at me for saying so.)


Anonymous said...

I am even more in love!!!


Rita said...

He is actually cuter then cute!! Love it!

Veronica in Aus said...

Oh my - that is the cutest mohawk I've ever seen :)

Freda Mac said...

OMG, Stacy, we did EXACTLY the same thing!!!!! The boys love it. I even blogged about it, too. I'll send you a photo.

Freda Mac

Joan said...

Aw,Stacy he is the cutest thing EVER! I have a very shy 4 year old and I know what a big deal this is!
I think he looks fabulous.

Jayne said...

Sooo cute! Good for Ian!!

Anonymous said...

so sweet, he is the cutest. How did Darren take that? He seems that he may have a streak of someone else i know.. if he ask to dye it BLUE... watch out!

Anonymous said...

Awwwm I Love him! My little braveheart.
Aunt Bot

Nesa said...

how stinkin cute..err...excuse me ian, way cool & macho! LOL. love that he's throwin' horns in the last picture. what a doll!