Thursday, June 28, 2007

Washington DC recap - THURSDAY

Four days in the nation's capital
Is not enough time to see and do everything you want to see and do.
But I gave it a good shot!

Tracy took me to Mount Vernon, George Washington's family home. Beautifully restored, it's presented exactly as it would have looked when the Father of our Country lived there. The most interesting tidbit I learned there: the house isn't made of stone. It's made of wood, beveled and shaped to LOOK like stone, then painted, with fine sand thrown on the paint while it's still wet. Looks and feels AMAZINGLY like stone.

That evening, we did a "Ghost Walking Tour" in historic Alexandria. Much to Tracy's dismay, I didn't catch any ghosts on my camera. I can, however, recite for you some of the WORST "ghost stories" I've ever heard. It rained on us during the tour which added some fun to the ghostly and ghastly evening. We had a blast! This was my favorite shot of the night:

Tracy also treated me to some mighty fine dining, including a TexMex place that was actually very good! But the best was the pizza place. Remind me, Trace... what was that place called? OH MY. I ate the whole thing, and I'd do it again. YUMMO!

What I learned from Tracy: wear a little sparkle every day. That's her motto. :)

(She's very proud of me for buying glasses with a little sparkle in 'em!)

Thanks, Tracy, for hosting me for two nights, for showing me the sites, for squeezing me into your already over-scheduled week. You da best!


CroppinRobin said...

I've loved reading your posts and you inspired me to start my own blog.
I missed the photos in this post, not sure why I couldn't see them.

Noel the Dog said...

Generous George's Positive Pizza Palace, baby!!!

Disney Scrapper said...

Ok, how did I miss that you were in Washington DC! Guess that means I will have to come to see you instead.