Monday, March 13, 2006

Needed: Boyfriend. Now taking applications.

So it all began when Darren and I were pulling out of the new, hip Montgomery Plaza shopping center after having a hot date at our new neighborhood Target store. Darren spotted it first - a "coming soon" Cold Stone Creamery. I said, "Ooooh, this is soon gonna be our constant date destination." Then he pointed to another new restaurant going in and said, "What's that?", and I replied, "I dunno. But it looks cool and you are SO taking me there when it opens." So we drove around to see the sign out front, which I read silently before slamming my fists against my thighs and exclaiming, "DADGUM IT! It's a PEI WEI! You'll NEVER take me there!!" ('Cause you see, Darren the Freak of Nature Boy detests the smell of asian food, and thus refuses to even step inside a Thai or Chinese or Japanese restaurant.) He answered, "WELL THEN. I guess you'll have to get your BOYfriend to take you." And then *I* said, "MAYBE I WILL!! Just as soon as I find one. Or two or five."

So. I'm taking applications.

******* we interrupt this entry to say, "Hey James and Ginger... Chris Body (lol) is on local PBS as I type! haha!********

I've already interviewed Michael. He was my first choice, cutie pie blond that he is. Cara will likely beat me up, but s'okay. Michael says that she hates Chinese food too, so our Pei Wei affair looks like it was meant to be. We're going as soon as it opens. She and Darren can hang out here at home and eat macaroni and cheese.


We spent the weekend in San Antonio. It was fabulous. The reason for going was two-fold. One, we've been meaning to go down and see James and Ginger for months, but sickness kept cancelling our plans. When my friend Marfy from Callyfornya announced that she'd be in San Antonio this past weekend, we decided to try the trip again and get to see two friends in one trip. So we did, and we did! It was relaxing (we didn't overdo it like we ALWAYS tend to do on weekend trips), enlightening (James and Darren are the same man. Ginger and I are the same woman ('cept she's skinny, the brat)), entertaining (baby Avery was beautiful, 5-year old John and our two boys got along perfectly (my boys think John has the coolest toys on the planet)... and so enjoyable (Mexican good three meals in a row, sitting next to Marfy at dinner, gabbing with Ginger 'til 3 a.m.). Even the road trip itself with the boys was fun. We came home feeling refreshed. That's PROOF of a good weekend!


Cara said...

Okay, I am not going to beat you up. I am going to beat Michael up for saying I don't like Chinese. How long has he known me anyway? I prefer Thai over Chinese and I love Pei Wei!!! He has never been there but I have with Ang. It was good. In fact I plan to have the Chicken Pad Thai. Can we make it a 3-some?? We could make it a 4-some and let Darren bring his Mac and Cheese!

Stacy said...

STILL TAKING APPLICATIONS. Cara just disqualified Michael.

(but hey Cara... we can all still go to Pei Wei together. Without Darren. And with my boyfriend, who can't be Michael.) bwa ha!

Kim said...

Send me the application. Scott would eat Chinese food 5 nights a week if he could. 'Course you would have to take Max too. The two of them are a pair and Chinese night (usually once a week)is my night to graze from the fridge while they are out buffeting it...Tonite - when I was on the phone with you I was eating take out that they brought home from Chen's. 'Cause I was trying to be appreciative of them bringing it. Truth be told - I had already had a pint of Butter Pecan....

Martha in CA said...

I'll be your boyfriend! I got to experience Pee Wee's (I just think it sounds better pronounced this way!) in San Antonio on Friday...yummmmmmm!!!

Thanks so much for making the trek, Stacy! LOVE you bunches! Glad to finally meet your men as well as Ginger and family!

I think it's your turn to come to Cali. Just sayin'.

Melissa in AUS said...

Stacy, you can have *my* Michael if you like. He *loves* Thai food! Just make sure they have wheelchair access *sigh*

Martha said...
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Martha said...

Lets see if I can reply without making typos! Take your pick: I've got a 46 yr old applicant who is from China and would love it if his wife would fix Chinese food three times a day. I've got a 6 yr old fella who loves to start his day with a big bowl of lo mein noodles for breakfast. And, so that your husband doesn't feel alone in this "I don't like Chinese food" world, I've got an 8 yr old who won't even touch white rice (Ha, and he calls himself a Chang!).

Anonymous said...


And I agree, it was a great weekend.


Cara said...

I SAID we could share. What is wrong with sharing??? You have to have him all to yourself? Fine! Y'all go first and then we can go! I don't think you can find another one as cute as mine!! Okay, so i am biased! ;)

ginger said...

Hey, we had a great weekend too. Seeing you always makes me wish y'all lived closer though!

Maybe we are twins separated at birth, except that I stole your math genes & you stole my creativity genes along with my half of the boobs, rofl!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed something strangely coincidental--your last four blog titles:

1. Needed: Boyfriend. Now taking applications.
2. faithful
3. I'm such a girl!
4. on her own


- Darren

Terri G said...

Stacy! We have a Pei Wei here! I will let you borrow G if you come to visit me. :o) We love that place!

Anonymous said...

I always thought that I didn't like Oriental food until I visited Laos last year. My brother and sister-in-law live there. They have a maid who does the lunch meal everyday. I loved it!! And everything was fresh from the market everyday. I even enjoyed the meals we ate out in the villages. It was so good! Take Darren to Laos. And Stacy, I've going back next year, Lord willing, want to come?