Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I slept in 4 different places on my 5-day trip to the cold, snowy north. The first night was spent in a super-comfy sleep-number bed (I'm a 30) at Carole's house... with the perfect heaviness of blankets on top.
The next night was spent sharing a hotel room with Donnann and Annie, right next door to the breakfast room where we dined on bagels and cream cheese. The next two nights at the cottage where our retreat was held, I again shared a room with Annie, but this time slept in my own twin bed, in a room outfitted with a sound machine and extra pillows. The final night, I slept alone in a queen bed, and was surprised to wake up and discover that I hadn't even ruffled the sheets on the other side of the bed. I suppose it had become habit to sleep very still. That second night, I was careful not to roll over in my sleep and drape my arm across Annie's back. The next two nights, I was careful not to roll over and fall off the bed. By night 5, I was comfortable sleeping like a piece of lumber. :)

I just read a blog that detailed what Vice President Cheney requires in every hotel he stays at: 4 Diet Sprites, temperature at 68 degrees, every light on, every television tuned to Fox News (of course), decaf coffee brewed.

It made me think about what I'd require, were I a celebrity who could get away with that kind of thing: 1 bottle of water (for when I go to sleep), 1 20-ounce Diet Vanilla Coke (for when I wake up), crushed ice, temperature at 68 degrees (I can't stand to be hot), down pillows (3), current issues of People and scrapbooking mags (I like to read at night), a small package of peanut M&Ms (don't give me a bowlful - I'll eat the whole thing), a warm chocolate chip cookie, and the most recent New York Times Sunday Crossword.

What would you require?


Anonymous said...

When entering:
Shades are open to allow sunlignt in, huge bathroom w/lage bottles of Panteen S & C, Caress soap and yummy smelling lotion from B.B&B. Warm towels. A pot of coffee brewed w/french vanilla cream to have as I sit back in a nice, soft robe and slippers of course provided. A King size bed w/down pillows and comfortor, ceiling fan, 68 degrees, fridge w/bottled water, cheese, grapes, crackers. Huge T.V. w/an assortment of movies to choose from. Warmed brownies w/icecream and a nice masuse.sp?


Karen said...

I am thinking.....
Let's see 56 inch TV bottled water chilled, plush bed with lots of down plankets on it.
sterlized bath tub ( I want to smell the bleach) now fill my tub with bubbles and Champagne chilled waiting for me with rose smellin candles burning....
then let's see.... some veggies to munch on cause if there is bad food i will eat it.... i could go on for days... but i am getting in trouble for being on the lap top now so i have to go...
ps the burger king commercial was Funny.. just saw it tonight....
love ya

Cara said...

I love this entry! I always wish I had the money to stay at the nicest hotels!!

I want it to be a suite with a warm and perfectly decorated sitting area with a large plush chair. There I would love the newest James Patterson book. The bathroom would need a large tub with jet spas and soft, fluffy white towels. Don't forget the Arbonne soap and lotion and a oversized terrycloth robe!! (fuzzy slippers would be nice too)
The bed seriously needs to have Sateen sheets. (silky cotten is the best!)I need MY pillows (3) and a superb pillow top mattress that is raised off the floor so that I need a running leap to get on it! A TV with lots of movies, bottled water and a great menu for room service! If I am in a hotel like this I am sure they will have all wonderful foods I love! Massage therapist will be here to do an in-room massage in the mornings and evenings! Hubby is by my side. Kids are with someone else!!! Ahhhhh, the dream! I seriously need a vacation! Can you tell??

Menjiness said...

It sounds like you had a GREAT time!!!!! I love to read your posts because they are so vivid!

Donnann Tritten said...

I feel like such a celebrity, I made it into Stacy's blog!!!

I would require:

a double pillow top mattress with flannel sheets, except the pillow case and a down comforter with a heavy quilt on top. My pillow would need to be a memory foam pillow. There would be a big tv with a remote control. There would be a fridge stocked with bottled water and pepsi. Lots of new movies to choose from and some really heavy curtains so no light peaks in.

Miss ya,