Friday, March 17, 2006

answered prayers

My radiologist just called with the results. NO CANCER!! :) :) :)
(My doctor doesn't even know yet. lol)

This is a week of good news.

Let's start with Baby Ira. He's going home next week!

My friend James Puzzo received MUCH more positive news from his second opinion doctor. He still has a brain tumor, but it's the kind that is usually benign - what the doctor called "a childhood tumor all grown up". Keep praying that this is indeed the case and that James can be back to normal (even better!) after the surgery next week.

Baby Avery is sick with bronchitis, but that's actually GOOD news. She doesn't have pneumonia. Add her to your prayers, too, that her lungs will continue to heal and that she'll continue to grow into a beautiful, strong little girl.



Noel the Dog said...

Stacy that is WONDERFUL news about your biopsy!!!

ginger said...

woo hoo!

Terri G said...

Great blog! I knew about the results of your biopsy but hadn't heard about James. It sounds promising. I'm am thrilled for you!