Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the dawn treader

Last fall, Darren started reading The Chronicles of Narnia to the boys, in anticipation of the movie version of Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. It was so cool to watch that movie with them, because they totally understood what was happening and were able to anticipate what was coming next. "There's Tumnus!" "Watch out, that's a bad wolf." "Don't worry, Mom. Aslan is coming back ALIVE!"

They've just begun their third book now, The Dawn Treader. Last night, in lieu of having Daddy read to them, they opted instead to build the ship. Using the book cover as a guide, they stacked blocks and assembled army men just so, and then Ian ran upstairs and triumphantly returned with the plastic dinosaur he got at the doctor's office last week, perching it precariously on the front tip of the boat. "It's not a dinosaur anymore. It's a DRAGON. And these are the good guys. But in this boat over here, THESE are the BAD guys."

They were SO proud of their Dawn Treader.

I was so proud of them.


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I love those boys!!!!

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