Thursday, March 30, 2006

little things (again)

Friendships, as in ALL things that matter, are strengthened by the little things.

Theresa sent me 4 adorable Mary Engelbreit tins, along with the sweetest note ever. Just because. It was a little thing to her, but a big deal to me.

Elaine texted me when she was sewing her girls' Easter dresses, because the happy fabric reminded her of me and my affinity for all things Mary Engelbreit. A little thing, but it brightened my day.

I came downstairs this morning to discover a voice mail on my cell phone from Nancy, just asking if I'm okay and checking in. She was driving down the road and had nothing better to do really, but it was a great way for me to start my day.

Martha offered to spank me again in Scrabble tonight, which I pretended to be all offended about. But really, the fact that she WANTS to play me, while such a little thing, makes me smile.

Darren went and picked up Chinese take-out for me and the kids tonight, then slipped in next door and got manicotti for his Chinese-food-hating self. He abhors the smell of Chinese food. It was a seemingly small sacrifice to make, but I know at what cost.

Annie and the rest of the Upper Midwest Crop ladies surprised me with a beautiful glass Hall of Fame trophy. I'm sure they were stunned when I started to cry, because I bet they never dreamed that the gesture would mean SO MUCH to me.

Patti emailed to make sure I knew I was invited to a crop she's having next month. I still can't go, but I so appreciate the gesture.

Jeanne sent me a link to a contest she thinks I should enter. She says the reason I didn't win the $500 contest is because they're saving me for this one - the $10,000 contest! What a sweet thing to say.

I bought a little gift for a friend two days ago, and still haven't gotten it in the mail... but I know that when she receives it, this little thing I'm packaging up will bring a great big smile to her face.

And that's the beauty of little things. They just keep adding up into big things. It's the stuff friendships are made of.


Anonymous said...

ahhh you guys are too sweet...
it is the little things isn't it!

DKelly said...

Amen and Amen -- I totally agree! And just the little things you do to brighten our day with your blog and creative talents add up to big things, too!


Martha in CA said...

See my post today announcing a "little thing" in my life. I know I used that as an 'excuse' to not play Scrabble last night, and I'm gonna use it again tonight! Gotta get some sleep!

But. I would SO love to give you a good spanking during a lively game of Scrabble! (or get the drubbing that I will deserve after my sassy mouth!)

Yeah. Little things ARE the best!