Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ugly Shoes

I spent the most wonderful weekend with the most wonderful friends in the San Antonio area. We road tripped down from Fort Worth, stayed at a great place on the RiverWalk, dressed up for old-timey saloon girl portraits at a place near the Alamo, and generally had a ton of fun. Then we spent the rest of the weekend with 20-some other wonderful friends at a scrapbook retreat. It was heavenly. In fact, SO heavenly that my new friend Kesa said to me, "Will there be a ScrapShare retreat in Heaven? 'Cause if there's not, I don't think I wanna go." :)

I completed 19 pages, successfully danced on a table without breaking it down, hot tubbed fully clothed, slept with Sherilyn and Veronica without accidentally draping an arm over them in the middle of the night, led the way down a dark, stony path without getting anyone killed, and remembered to take my pills everyday, even being out of my regular routine. But my biggest accomplishment of the weekend was this:


They are possibly the dog-ugliest shoes I've ever had on my feet, but oh. my. goodness they are comfortable! I bought them at a frou-frou health food store in San Antonio. At first, I slipped one on for the sole purpose of making fun of the hideous things. "Who would WEAR these...." I started to ask. But my sarcastic question was soon overcome with "ahhhh. OOOOOOOOH. Mmmmmmm. YESSSSSSSSSSSS."

"I'll have what SHE'S having," thought the customers who watched me breathe deeply and delight in my shoegasm. I walked straight to the cash register and did something I rarely do: impulse purchased. I felt a tinge of guilt that lasted for, oh, 1.5 seconds. Before the cashier had even given me the total, I'd asked for scissors to remove the tags, and had slipped the shoes on my feet. I enjoyed a walking massage all weekend long.

I LOVE my new Crocs.
And I don't even care that they're ugly.
Love, as they say, is blind.

"Do it to me one more time...."
"I'm walkin' on sunshine...."
"Man! I feel like a woman!"
"You make me feel! You make me feel! ..."

I think I'll have to create a new iMix just for my shoes. :)


Veronica in Aus said...

Now I am wishing I had bought a pair of those ugly shoes :)

Bobbie said...

I have heard so much about these ugly shoes, now I want some, how much did you pay may i ask?

Cara said...

See why nurses wear those ugly shoes in all versions!! We pay a ton for them but I know they have/had those exact shoes at Payless. A doctor I work with got some there - CHEAP! (and I saw them at Canton) They DO feel good! It is the only thing that allows me to walk 12hrs on a HARD floor!! Welcome to the club!

Sue said...

Now, see...only the best people wear those Crocs around these here parts! I'm oggling them in red, currently, but have had one too many shoegasms this week already.


Karen said...

Ok Stace you got me, i am totally into ugly shoes so i want some.

Denise said...

I didn't see a thing wrong with those shoes. They look A LOT like my "Born" clogs which I actually have on right now! Yup. . I wore them to work today and do so if my back's tired and my day isn't full of meetings or execs parading in and out. Every chance I can get away with wearing these clog-like "Russian-immigrant" shoes, I wear them. (Please no offense to any Russian immigrants; it's only a phrase.) I bought these wonderful massage clogs in Nov 2000 when my Mom was in the hospital and my legs/back hurt after spending all day in heels and then going to the hospital. These were the answer! To illustrate just how much I wear them, after about 2 years of wearing these shoes as much as possible, my Dad said "what shoes did you used to wear before you bought those things". Obviously, it's about all anyone sees me put on my feet. And I.DO.NOT.CARE! *Ü*

Glad you like your shoes Stacy!!

Kim said...

Well I almost bought the same pair in red....except that it would have gone against my long held policy of purchasing ANYTHING from a frou-frou health food store.... :)

Elaine said...

All the trendy kids around here wear 'em, in a wild collection of colors. Even the boys.

Dalyn said...

I just bought a pair for the 6 1/2 hour car trip for Thanksgiving. Mine came from Walmart (or as I like to call it "Wally-World") and although mine are a totally un-natural shade of cotton candy pink, I LOVE my new ugly shoes.