Tuesday, November 08, 2005

To my new readers

A sweet friend innocently posted the link to this blog on a message board. At first, I felt violated. Then I felt confused about what I felt. Now, I feel okay.

Just know this: I write for no particular audience. I write because I've forever been called to write. (Read my first-ever post on this blog.) I write because I need to be held accountable to write, and I don't hold my SELF accountable, so I count on friends to do that for me.

Now you're part of that circle. Read with caution, though. Sometimes I get really personal. Sometimes I get preachy. Sometimes my faith pours from my pen, and sometime my sin does. I just write whatever's on my heart and mind that day.

I write for me and my immediate family. Feel free to peek in if it interests you. But know this: if my Mom ever becomes aware of this blog, I will hunt. you. down! :)



Denise said...

WRITE ON!!! I love reading your blog because it's clear that it's a purging of your thoughts. It's a GREAT read Stacy! Keep up the good work!

Christy said...

I know that you're not comfortable having your blog "out there." I find your writing to be down right entertaining though. You make me laugh when I need to laugh. Maybe God is using you in a way that is not clear to you right now. Thanks for your humor, and for making me know that I'm not alone.
-Christy, a SS sister

Bobbie said...

The way I see it...the more people who are aware of your talent...the more books you will sell whenever you right the darned thing already!! Love YOU!!!

Veronica in Aus said...

We love you Stacy - just the way you are :)