Sunday, November 13, 2005

Couch Potato

I don't watch much TV. Truth is, I don't have time. I can hardly stand to be sitting there doing nothing when there's so much to be done. This is one reason I refuse to take up knitting, even though I've seen a bazillion cute knitted things I'd like to make, and even though it's a hip hobby again. If I took up knitting, I'd be spending way too much time sitting on my backside watching TV, knitting.

Today, I woke up sick with a pounding headache and a sore throat. It's the WEIRDEST sore throat I've ever had. It only hurts when air touches it - like when I talk. And the pain is in the very back of my throat - sort of on the back wall, if that makes any sense. I'm all achy and sore. Other than that, I have no symptoms. This is what Darren had last week. He missed three days of work, sitting here in his favorite chair, working from his laptop. He didn't LOOK sick, didn't SOUND sick, didn't ACT sick. But now I know. This is a weird sickness. I feel like crap. I nursed his sore throat last week with lots of orange juice, a limeade from Sonic, and a Ghirardelli hot chocolate from 7-11. Today, he brought home a Route 44 Sonic Diet Vanilla Coke for me. Too bad I was dead asleep on the couch and couldn't appreciate it until later. THAT is sure proof that I'm under the weather. I don't think I've EVER passed up a Sonic Diet Vanilla Coke.

I've hardly moved off the couch all day long. And what a WASTE of a day. I watched TV. I watched bad TV. VH1 has this show called "But Can They Sing?". I watched the whole hour, even though it was excruciatingly bad. I blame my fever, and the body ache, which must've kept me from pushing the buttons on the remote. Later, I watched two episodes of "Next" on MTV. The dating game show has a clever premise, actually, and I laughed out loud at some of the ridiculous guys and gals on the show. Shallow, shallow, shallow. One guy actually asked his date to check a cow's temperature. As she stood there with the thermometer in the cow's behind, it started to take a big dump. She was appropriately grossed out, but she still accepted an invitation from the guy for a second date. I'm sorry. I've NEVER been desperate enough for a second date to take THAT kind of crap.

Which reminds me of a first date I once had in college. We went to Dallas to eat at his favorite restaurant. When the waitress took our order, he went first, ordering oysters on the half shell and an entree. Then when it was my turn to order, he said, "Dudler!! I forgot to go to the ATM!" As the waitress stood there with pen in hand, he pulled out his wallet and extracted a wad of cash - a five dollar bill and a bunch of ones. Then he counted it out loud: "Five. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven...." - all the way to eighteen. I did some quick math in my head and figured out that I could still afford to eat. "I'll have a side salad and a water," I said. It was the last time I ever went on a date without money of my own, and it was the last time I ever went out with Mr. Oyster.

Anyway, back to TV. Today, I watched "That's So Raven" on the Disney Channel, and then an old rereun of Lizzy McGuire. Darren walked in and said, "You want the remote? 'Cause I KNOW you're not watching this 'cause you want to." But I kept watching anyway. I swear, the headache is getting to me.


Elaine said...

I've seen you pass a Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke.... out a window. *snort*

Seriously, I hope you feel better. Sore throats are miserable. :(

Nancy D. said...

We're gonna meet up somewhere with our walkers and orthopedic shoes and someone's gonna say... "Sorry dude, I had to do it." and send one of us into cardiac arrest laughing so hard.

We just gotta remember.... bring plenty of Depends.

Sherilyn said...

Chickie, I can so relate. I just spent Wednesday through Saturday prone on the sofa watching TV and sleeping. I watched LOTS of old movies...there's always one on somewhere, it seems. Corey was afraid to approach The Island. He brought home dinner every night because we were afraid that if I cooked, I'd give it to him. I've been sleeping on the sofa, afraid I'd contaminate him if I breathed on him at night. Last night I guilted a pseudo hug out of him....he's afraid to touch me. The last thing he needs is what I had last week.

I've hardly coughed all day, and have more energy, so I am encouraged. Hopefully after a few days of bad TV and lots of sleep, you'll be done with it, too. :D My sore throat was different, though. Hurt when I swallowed.

Rest is best, so get plenty of it. Hugs.

Dani said...

*shudders* Even I don't watch that anymore! *shakes head disgustedly*

Elaine said...

I have 8 weeks of experience with Depends. I have preferences. We'll be in touch.

Kim said...

This is not good. Jenny is sick too. I think the van came with germs in it. I'm picking up V tommorrow and she assures me she is 100% well. I hope you are back to dancing on tables in your ugly shoes soon.

karen said...

Audrey has Strep throat and so did another one of the 5 kiddos over here, so you could have had that... that stinks!