Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Meeting Veronica

I've known Veronica for about five years. She knows my kids and all about our adventures with the house and trips and daily goings-on. I know about her work and her parents and her trips to Switzerland and Dubai. We've spoken on the phone - I called her once at work just to hear her accent. :) Veronica lives in Australia. Until Monday, we had never met in person.

Exactly one year ago, I said, "You should come to Texas next November for the 2nd Annual Texas Crop (a gathering of scrapbookers who are part of a close-knit online community). She took me seriously, and she's here! I've been excited about her arrival for months.

Monday, (Halloween), the boys and I showed up at the airport and waited for her flight. I was digging through my purse when all of a sudden, there was laughter and arms reaching around my neck in the most welcoming, happy-to-see-me hug. We rocked back and forth in that hug like long-lost sisters, squealing and laughing. Then I exclaimed, "How did you recognize me??" Veronica knows what I look like, but I didn't think she'd know me with pink hair. ;)

We're having a fabulous time. The first thing we did on the way home from the airport was get a Diet Coke with vanilla from Sonic. Then we walked into a crazy Halloween party at my house. I'm sure it was culture shock. Veronica barely had her feet on the ground before she was immersed in complete American Halloween mayhem. My friends made a GREAT impression on her. ;)

Yesterday, we drove to Dallas and shopped at Scrapbook Warehouse, and then had lunch with Sherilyn and Victoria. Lots of laughter. It just seems that we've known each other forever.

Today, we're going to take in some Fort Worth culture - the olden days of the wild, wild west. My boys have completely fallen in love with Veronia. They're entertaining her with story after story about kangaroos who toot when they fall asleep. Ahem. I don't know WHERE they get their warped senses of humor!

Veronica arrived with a suitcase full of gifts. Knitted wire-bead bracelets and chocolate frogs for Dani, a beautiful handmade ceramic pin for me, and puppets for the boys. Aidan chose the platypus and Ian chose the kangaroo. They think Veronica is the coolest friend I ever had. LOL!

Tonight, more friends arrive from out-of-state, and tomorrow, the Road Trip begins. I can hardly wait!

Thank God for internet friends. I don't care what the skeptics say. Internet friendships are REAL. And so far, none of mine have been axe murderers. :)


Mel said...

Hey Stacy and Veronica... glad you are having a great time together.. just make sure you let her go so she can come to MD and meet me!!!
(Btw Stacy, I love your blog!)

Deeeeebeeeee ~Paper Piecing Diva~ said...

LOL...LOL...LOL I'm smiling through my tears *Ü* I can't express how wonderful it is to see y'all together & having a blast!!!! Exactly one year ago today, I got to throw my arms around an 'ole friend ("YOU") that I'd never met (except on line) but it felt like seeing an 'ole high school girlfriend again at a 25 yr class reunion. I'm so missing not being in the grand state of TX at this very moment, but it just wasn't meant to be again this year. But I'm hoping & praying, I'll get to give my 'ole TX friends another big 'ole hug in person next year.

Y'all have a wonderful, great, tremendous, fun, scrappin', LOL time this week & weekend. I'll follow your adventures if the hacker will leave us all alone *Ü* And "V" I'll throw my arms around you next weekend in PA!

Give everyone my love,
Deeeeeeebeeeeeeee ~PPD~

Cyndy said...

What a great adventure. I am so glad SSers are bloggers. It connects us even more. Y'all have so much fun on your road trip.
And.. I have to hear more about a place called the "Scrapbook Warehouse"

Elaine said...

Actually, I am an axe murderer. Little known secret. I just haven't picked my victim yet.

Oh, wait. Did I just type that out loud?


Martha in CA said...

Heh, heh, heh...Elaine might be an ax murderer, but so far I've fool all of yoose too!

I don't know how long I can keep up the facade of not showing you my true self...big ol' hairy, cigar-smoking, beer drinking, sweaty man.

Love always,

Denise Kelly said...

FUN to see y'all havin' it!! Thanks for sharing the arrival -- good ol' Texas-style! Eager to meet you Veronica and Stace, you know I can't wait to see you again!

Denise Kelly

Sue said...

Aw, now I'm getting jealous about not being there! Have a great weekend, all.

Nancy D. said...

Just sayin'.....

Opened the front door a few minutes ago to a check from "Martha" and the stench of a cigar......


And I ordered my turkey...but I can up the poundage if'n you want!

Dinee said...

Oh dang it - I'm soooo wishing I could have committed to the San Antonio trip for the 2nd Annual Texas Crop! I'm gonna miss y'all so much.

I know, I know, I made a decision and I had to stick by it - darn it, those finances, but as as adult I'll be good and wipe those tears away. In fact, DH has plan for me to keep me buys - helping his parents move on Saturday. Yep, while my Texas Crop girlfriends are gathering together, sharing hugs and laughter - and doing a few pages too, I'll be helping DH's parents move from their present mobile home, to their new doublewide mobile home next door to their present home. Unusual yes - but I'll be taking my camera. In their anniversary album, we have a page devoted to their many many homes over the past 50+ years, and now we'll have another move to add to that story.

Oh, back to my misery! I know there will be a few of us gals who were there last year and can't be there this year (Debbie (Paper Piecing Diva), Meg, and me + a few others I can't think of off the top of my head - so keep us posted.

Diane Dunlap

Meg said...


I want to be there too!! Glad Y'all are having fun. Make sure Veronica gets to ride a bull and eat those Swingin' Sirloins, Stace!

Can't wait to see you next week Veronica. Wish you could bring Stacy with you to PA! Have fun girls!

Love ya! Meg

The Stopper Family said...

Stacy: Great blog. I'm "nowimscrappin" on the board and Empress4 shared your blog id. I love it - and I LOVE the photo of you at the top!! Sounds like you guys are having a great time at the TX crop - I'm green with envy!