Saturday, November 19, 2005

Stacy's Favorite Things

Since once again, I'm obviously not going to be surprised with tickets to Oprah's Favorite Things, I've decided to do my OWN show. Enjoy!

Every busy woman needs a pair of these. They're CROCS! You've heard me rave about them, and you've seen them on my feet every day since the day I bought them. Most of the styles come in an array of colors - from lime to fuschia, from khaki to buttermilk.
I chose Beach in black, but now I'm ogling Metro in either light blue or chocolate. These shoes are Heaven on Two Feet. They're ugly, but sometimes, ugly is beautiful!

The welcoming aroma of Warm Sugar Cookie, the opulent fragrance of Diva, and the clean leathery scent of Cowboy.... these are my favorite candles from
Tyler Candle Company. I buy the 3.4-oz jars in threes at Inscriptions on the Boulevard... 3 for $15.

I'm not a lotion-y kind of gal, but in the dry winter months, there are two products that I can't live without. I keep a travel-size of each one in my purse at all times. For my hands, nothing - and I mean NOTHING - works like Aveda Hand Relief . It doesn't leave my hands sticky or oily or perfume-y - just smooth, soft and clean.

For my face, I use Clinique's yellow Dramatically Different Moisturizer everytime I put on makeup. But during the winter months when my cheeks develop dry patches, only Clinique's Moisture On Call does the trick. I love the clean scent and the way my face drinks the moisture IN, rather than having a gloppy mess sitting on my skin.

I'm head over heels for signs! I've acquired vintage signs at auctions, flea markets and -ahem- right off the pole at a retail establishment in college. But my favorite new signs are from Danielson Designs! This is my newest addition - I found it at my favorite neighborhood gift shop last week, and thought briefly about asking for it for Christmas. Then I decided I didn't want to take the chance of them selling out, so I bought it then and there! I also have two other signs from Danielson, and I love them all!

I can't claim to be much of a cook, but I'd be even LESS of a cook without my favorite red enamel colander! I got it at Target, where they only had white, yellow and red. But at, you can choose from a whole rainbow of colors!

I use my Calphalon Everyday Pan, well, everyday! Sherilyn turned me on to this most excellent piece of cookware two years ago, and it still looks and cooks like brand new. I've asked for another piece for Christmas, but unfortunately for me, people don't think it's much fun to buy cookware for Christmas gifts.

When a Costco opened up in Fort Worth 5 years ago, I was one of the first through the doors. I let my Sam's membership go and I've been a loyal Costco shopper ever since. Their photo lab is unmatched in both quality and price - in 5 years, I've only had ONE problem with an order. I love that I can upload my photos to, edit them online, order prints and enlargements, and pick them up an hour later. Costco also has the best deals on books and fresh flowers. My boys would argue that they have the best fruit snacks ('cause they have BIG boxes!), but they also love the $1.50 hot dog and Coke deal at the snack counter. Time it right, and you can have lunch in the aisles as the vendors sample yummy food!

Two Christmases ago, I told Darren that the one and only thing I wanted was a purse. But I was very specific. I knew exactly which style I wanted (Wendy Handbag), and in what color (aqua), and I told him exactly where he could buy it. I even had it on hold in my name, in case he showed up. It helped that I was an employee of the store that carried the line, and that they gave him my discount. Still, I wasn't sure he'd actually BUY it for me. That Christmas morning, I was ecstatic. I've carried that same purse every day since, whether it matches what I'm wearing or not. (It usually doesn't.) I'd love to have it in red... just so happens that Inscriptions still carries the line! ;) After receiving the purse, I splurged over the next several paychecks and got a few pieces of the luggage, as well. IT's gotten a lot of use, and it still looks perfect. LOVE this stuff made in Scotland by Glenroyal Chic.

I wish I could say that every audience member was going to take home one of each of my favorite things, but that ain't gonna happen 'less it's on your dime. And by the way... if'n I'm gonna cross that "see a taping of Oprah" thing off my List of Things To Do Before I Die, I better start plannin' a trip to Chicago. You wanna come?


Melissa in AUS said...

LOL - I've enjoyed reading your list of your favourite things - a funny about those shoes - when I was in Melbourne recently (without V :{ ) we went to the Vic markets. Those shoes were EVERYWHERE!! For sale and on peoples feet - I said to my cousin-in-law "They must be real comfortable, cause why else would you wear them?? The there was a post on your blog about you know what! Too funny I'd love an enamel colander too - but in blue ;)

Cara said...

I am ready! Let's go to Chicago and see Oprah!! It is on my imaginary list ! Also, I really need to introduce you to some Arbonne products so they can be on the famous list!! :))

Sue said...

Hey, Cara just 'stole' one of my favorites...well, about 10 of them, actually. Mmm...Arbonne...Awaken Sea Salt Scrub. Off to lemulate, I think...

Kim said...

What - no Sonic a day for 365 days coupon?

I found myself drooling when I was in Costco but, alas, we don't have them here. May have to make another road trip!

Nancy D. said...

Well, I'm gonna have to lemulate this.

Gotta think on it tho'.....

Karen said...

Hey Stace i found the CROCS and i think Kraig is going to buy me some!
you know i was in Chicago this summer and people are mean there. That is where Kraig is from, so I have to go yearly, When you go get some White Castle's or SLIDDERS as they call them... they may make it on one of your favorite things.. you know why they are called slidders? Slid in Slid out! LOL

Denise said...

YES, I want to go to Oprah!! I honestly tried and tried and tried to get tickets one year when I was going to be there in December anyway. Started calling in August and they said, wait 'til closer to the days you're looking for. Called in September -- "wait 'til closer to the days you're looking for";
Called in October -- "wait 'til closer. .
Called in November -- "wait 'til closer . . . "
December 1 -- I'm dialing first thing that morning. . BUSY signal! Tried ALL day (number was on my cell speeddial AND office speeddial for heaven's sake) . . . would you believe BUSY the entire day!!! Next morning, I got a ring on the other end . . . yippee skippee!!! Only to hear a recording come on saying "all tickets for December taping of Oprah's show are sold out; please try again in January".

WHAT?!?! Could NOT even believe it! I think you have to KNOW somebody! And I DO . . but just not the right "somebodies".

So, if you get tickets, do NOT leave me out!! And thanks for asking!

Denise *Ü*