Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pumpkin Patch

I love October. I love the first cold snap of fall, which always occurs in October. I love the aroma of apple cider wafting through my house, and the yummy smells of cold-weather meals like Taco Soup and Black Beans -n- Rice.

I love the metal pumkins on my front stoop and the candles inside them that I light each evening at dusk. I love the fall wreath on my front door.

I love that the mornings are cool and the nights are crisp. I love that I can sit in the hottub without breaking a sweat. I love walking out the back door and smelling wood-burning fireplaces in the neighborhood.

I love the squirrels that scamper around my yard, shaking pecans down on my head. I love that it doesn't matter anymore that my van doesn't have an air conditioner.

I love putting an extra blanket on the bed and falling asleep beneath the heaviness of covers.

I love pumpkin hunting and picking out sweaters and corduroy pants for my boys. I love the cool blue Texas sky that always seems brighter in the fall.

I love October.


Bobbie said...

So do I. :>

Will you email me your beans and rice rec. please.

Nancy D. said...

I'm sending my children to your house.

Cause I'm a horrible mother.

Cause I DISLIKE all that.

Although no one seemed to want to make the effort to get pumpkins this year....

Denise Kelly said...

Me too!! Me too!! Me too!! Thanks Stacy for your word painting. I'll be at the "punkin' patch" tomorrow afternoon! Hope I get some good pics!

Denise and DaBoys