Thursday, October 06, 2005

Home Sweet Home

When I picked the boys up at Mother's Day Out today, Ian was wrestling with a boy easily twice his size. And Ian was winning, spread eagle across the boy's back, pummeling the 7-year old with his fists while the boy tried to squirm away. I was proud. I stood and watched from the door until Ian the Terminator saw me. Then he jumped up and ran towards me with his arms outstretched. I bent down to receive the hug, scooped him up into my arms and just as I started to smother him with kisses, he continued the pummeling...on ME! Little punk.

Later, at home, Aidan was so excited to show me the picture he drew today. He draws everyday. Sometimes for HOURS at a time. His favorite toys are no longer Thomas trains. These days, he loves paper and crayons. He's been experimenting past oval-bodied people with abnormally long appendages. Lately, he's been drawing trees and suns (always with smiley faces) and birds. Today, he drew our house. I think I'll frame it and hang it on the wall.

Dani was the star of Show and Tell today. Both boys took pictures of their Sissy to share with their class. Does a Mom's heart good, ya know?

Right now, as I type, Darren and Dani are in the front room playing guitar together. A minute ago, they were singing at the piano. There's laughter spilling down the stairs from the boys' room, which is supposed to be awash with slumber. But I'm not complainin'. Not this night.

They say that a happy home is an earlier heaven. 'Tis true, 'tis true. :)


Denise Kelly said...

FIRST, let me say I love your new picture at the top with the "special effects". GORGEOUS - and the quote is perfect!! WOW!

Also loved your entry today. What a sweet blessing to have a happy home. And better than that -- one where everybody's finding happiness with each other and not externally like through computer games, etcc.....

I LOVE the way your write. . .and since I've had the privilege or being at your house, I can almost see the wonderful scene played out in my mind's eye.

Thanks again for sharing our writing talents with us! You brighten my day!

Denise Kelly

Veronica in Aus said...

WOW! I love the new header - that is spectacular!

And I too feel as if I am in the middle of your cosy home....such bliss :)

Bobbie said...

I had to show some friends here at work your blog header. We LOVE it. I got a "warm fuzzy" reading your blog. Miss you, CANNOT wait for our Christmas Holiday at your house....... :)