Monday, October 17, 2005

Looks Good

Cholesterol - 195
LDL - 104
HDL - 34 (goal <30)
Triglycerides - not gonna tell you, but the doctor's note on my lab postcard should clue you in: "watch oils in the diet. O/W, lab looks good."

Hmph. I rarely eat fried food. (Darren and I NEVER cook it, but I'll admit to ordering Chicken Crispers more times than not when we go to Chili's.) I don't snack on chips. I don't cook with butter. So I'm not sure how to lessen the oils in my diet.


I bought new shoes tonight, banking on the fact that I'll get paid tomorrow or the next day. Cara, you'll probably hate these, too. ;)


I talked to Bobbie (my sis) last night, and it was so sweet. I miss her!


Spent today painting Kristi's kitchen in Dallas. Somehow, even the most mundane chores are fun when you're laughing and talking about intimate, TMI-type things with good girlfriends.


Took Dani shopping tonight "just because". My goal is to be the kind of Mom I always wished I had. And so, we bought her a hip new outfit, complete with jewelry and new boots. She looks SO GOOD! Then we came home and dyed her hair red again. Here's hoping my paycheck comes through in the next day or two! ***biting nails***. But oh my goodness, it was fun to take her shopping when she least expected it. I love that girl!


Life. It just looks good. :)


Cara said...

Stop saying I hate your shoes!!! I only don't like that ONE pair. Not that is matters, cause they are yours and I still have lots of shoes that I don't like of my own! ;)
I thought the same thing about painting yesterday! I had wished we could have spent the night with her there, we would have had some really good laughs!

Sue said...

I'm so glad to read this! I've been wondering how you were, and it sounds like you are out living life. Good for you!

Bobbie said...

Miss you too, you sound sooo happy, and more like yourself, it is nice to have you back!!!