Tuesday, November 21, 2006

grumpy grumpy joy joy

I wake up grumpy. Always have, probably always will.
It doesn't matter how much sleep I get, I hate to wake up in the mornings. It takes me a good two hours to wake up and be human. Before that, I'm just on autopilot.

I married a morning person. I've largely succeeded over the years in corrupting him and making him a night owl. But his true colors still shine brightest in the mornings.

Mostly, he's learned to leave me alone while I'm waking up. I don't want any chit chat, I don't want any hanky panky, I don't want any chipper happy joy joy, thank you very much. Shut up, leave me alone, and keep the blinds closed. Hmpf.

Sunday morning, Darren got crazy. He started harrassing me in a fun-loving way about getting out of bed. I wouldn't budge. I couldn't even chew him out; all I could do was growl. He pounced on me. He ticked me. Eventually, when I made it to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth, he kept joking with me and being all annoyingly happy until I wanted to knock his head off. I glared at him in the mirror and grunted.

"You make me smile," he said, grinning from ear to ear.

"You're a freak," I retorted. "How do I make you smile when I'm bein' cranky?"

"Because even when you're cranky," he answered, "there's this underlying joy about you. And it makes me smile."

And dadblast it, that made ME smile. GRRRR! I checked it real quick, though, and said, "HUMPF! Yo momma!"

Then he gave me a giant squeezy hug and went on his way, finally leaving me in peace to enjoy my grumpiness with a big ol' smile on my face.


Jacy said...

What a sweet/annoying guy :) But you know truth be told you'll never be a morning person when your blogging at 2:33 am, lol.

But I'm glad that you do, because your blog reminds me daily to enjoy all that I have, both the good and the bad because I am BLESSED beyond what I deserve, and I'm thankful.

Anonymous said...

that almost made me puke! i am a morning person, and i remember you in the mornings... esp with all those teen girls on camp outs! and you are not a nice grumpy morning person... that is why i always just talked to you in the evening!

KLand said...

Stacy, you are very smart. The hazards of turkey cooking are vastly underreported. It reminds me of a classic Mr. Bean video fully documenting the trouble with turkeys. Goto my website and see it.

KLand said...

Ok, need more coffee...I went to the wrong comment area to post my turkey comments. Sorry.