Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I've been missing. I know it. You can stop emailing me now. Everything's okay!

I've just been super busy, and I let the ol' blog slip.

But I'm back! Just as soon as this weekend's over. I have a week's worth of stuff to do before Saturday, and only 2 days to do it. Fortress is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and I've promised to create a photo timeline, but.... I'm still in the "gathering photos" stage. And since I've only been there for 3 years, well, that's kinda tricky. I should've started this months ago. :)

I started a new blog today. It's an exciting adventure for me, because I'm writing for a specific audience, for PAY. It won't be a lot of pay, mind you. It might only be a few dollars here and there. I certainly won't ever get rich writing it. But it'll keep me honest. I'm required to blog 10 times every week. So check back often! (scr)apropos

I'll keep blogging here, of course.
For me.
I need it. I've missed it.

See ya after Saturday! :D


foleysfriend said...

We've missed you too, Stacy. I can't imagine why you think you've been busy this last week or so !!!


ginger said...

Do you get more dollars if I click all the ad links on the (Scr)Apprpos page???