Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of photographing our neice Shaina's wedding. Our whole family got dressed up (something we rarely do all at the same time, because we're not fancy dressers without reason, and we never have reason. Our church is very laid back and casual, for instance.) ANYway, since we all looked nice, I set the camera up and handed it over to to nephew-in-law to snap a pic of us.

This past weekend, Darren, Dani and I attended the wedding of our good friend Luke and his beautiful bride, Lacie. It was such a lovely wedding, and I even convinced Darren (DARREN!) to dance with me. He grinned all the way through The Chicken Dance (and tried to claim it wasn't any fun later), and then we danced to Rod Stewart's "Have I Told You Lately". I bought a new dress for the occasion several weeks ago, and although it fit at the time, it was a little snug on my tummy. I hit a plateau and didn't lose a pound for the past 2+ weeks, so I was nervous about putting the dress on again. I was surprised and ecstatic when it fell over my stomach without clinging! I think it's cool how, when I'm not losing pounds, I'm often losing inches in their place. :)

See all those bruises on my calves? Yah. There are more all over my torso, the backs of my arms, and my thighs. And my feet. The bottom of my right foot looked like a chicken breast that someone had taken a meat mallet to, and it also featured two puncture wounds. Why, you ask? 'Cause I'm a klutz, and fell off the tall stool I was using when painting our bedroom. More on that later. :)


Lita said...

Gorgeous family pic Stacy! Really must get one of my family

Love that black dress on you - you look stunning! You're a real inspiration :)

Disney Scrapper said...

Ok, so when did your daughter grow up? And she looks like you, I don't think I noticed how much before. Looking good by the way.

Kris with a K said...

what lovely photos! The top one should be your Christmas photo this year.

i am always using something unstable to climb up high, cuz i'm too lazy to go find something appropriate. i never learn.

but i gotta say it: you fell off the stool? DORK.


CloverGirl said...

Gorgeous family.

agent713 said...

What a handsome family! You guys look great!

And pass my congratulations on to Luke and Lacie will you?!

~Heidi...who isn't pointing fingers regarding the bruises because she's STILL healing from tripping over her own feet a few weeks ago :rolleyes:

Christina said...

You all look great but Stacy- you look amazing and you look MAHVELOUS!