Monday, August 25, 2008

One last time

School started today.

Ian's in 1st, Aidan's in 2nd, and Dani's a Senior.
The boys were bouncing-off-the-walls excited about school starting back up. Last night, Ian even had a stomach ache and couldn't sleep. They bounced out of bed this morning and giggled, laughed and wrestled through breakfast, teeth-brushing and getting ready. This year, no tears. No apprehension. No worries.

I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet stillness of an empty house. I have a hot date with the bug man in a couple of hours, a load of laundry to fold, some dishes to wash. Life is just busting at the seams around here. I'm also looking forward to carrying on a tradition later this afternoon.

When Dani started Kindergarten, a brand new Cracker Barrel had just opened near us, and I promised her an after school treat there on her first day of school. We’ve kept the tradition of going to Cracker Barrel on the first day of school ever since - even after moving across town from that neighborhood four years ago.

Also, on her first day of Kindergarten, she wore her hair in braided pigtails.
On her first day of high school? Braided pigtails.
Today, on the first day of her senior year, she asked me to braid some pigtails.

After school, we’ll drive across town to have dessert at Cracker Barrel last time.


~~Carrie Ann said...

I'm gettin' all weepy and nostalgic over here! First of all, adorable kids. All of 'em! Second of all, how sweet that Dani wanted to wear those braids!

I love traditions. And I enjoy reading about your family's traditions too!

You are blessed. :)

Christy said...

Ah, Stacy- how beautiful are those kids? Sniff. Enjoy your quiet house today. One week for me. (not that I'm counting or anything) :)

Midnite Scrapper said...

All I can do is echo what Carrie said. My goodness. *sniff*

Karen Kroner said...

Stace!!! What happened to Dani? Where did those years go? No really. Where did they go? I remember the Dani in the Kindergarten Pic... uhhhh
I have a 7th Grader...

Karen A. (K in VA) said...


I took that same photo on the first day of school - of course, Ryan said, "Mom there will be at least four more first days for me"...but I won't be there (sniff).

I hope all your kids have a blessed's gonna go too fast!