Friday, August 15, 2008

bedroom retreat

While Darren and Dani toured colleges for a week, I got down to the dirty task of renovating our bedroom.

Originally, my plan was just to clean and declutter it. For 4 years, it's been the catch-all for junk that has no where else to go, and there was junk piled here, there and everywhere; we both hated being in there. I'd never even decorated it, though I'd been collecting a bunch of stuff over the years for that purpose. Here it is, before:

Darren is working from home more than ever now, and he struggles to find a spot that's quiet and peaceful - a place where he can concentrate. That was my main motivation for redoing our bedroom - to create that space for him.
It took me 2 days to sort, trash, box, store and otherwise dejunk the room. While doing that, I decided that the room HAD to be painted. It's the only room I haven't put my touch on since we bought the house, and it was time. I'd always envisioned a blue room - a soothing, calming, dusky blue. But that was for me. With Darren in mind, I decided to go with something he'd like better, and ended up choosing a golden honey color. I already had sheets, a rug, and a few other items in that color (I always thought it'd be the accent color to my blue). Then I decided to add stripes. I bought paint in two close shades - in fact, they were side by side on the paint chip. First, I painted the whole room the lighter color, and then Cara helped me measure and tape off 10-inch stripes, which we painted the darker color. The curtains are simply panels of fabric that I haven't sewn yet, and the chair was a serendipitous find. I wasn't even chair shopping when I discovered this at the fabric store - marked down from $550 to $190. I couldn't resist it! Well, I DID resist it for a day, but I went right back and got it the next afternoon. :)
(Click photos to enlarge)

I've painted more quotes on more walls in more buildings than I care to remember. This time, I cheated and used a computerized die cut machine to cut the letters out of self-adhesive vinyl. :)

This is the view from our bed. We have bookcases all over the house, but our room houses the books that are most special to us for whatever reason. Before the redo, this case was jam-packed with books. I made myself cull and purge, and then added trinkets - from here and there in forgotten corners and random cubby holes - that are special to Darren. The blue geode is from Pitkin, Colorado, where we've spent our past two summer vacations. The cross is made of peat, and came from our Ireland trip. The brass globe was a gift that my brother David gave Darren for Christmas when we were newly married. It has a secret compartment inside it, and David spent hours cleaning and shining it to like-new condition after finding it in a junk store. Darren has always loved it. The toile boxes are my "happy files" and contain letters, cards and notes from years past. The case on top houses Darren's clarinet, which he pulls out and plays every once in a while. I organized all of his sheet music and it's now stored in the ottoman by his chair.

We love our room. We spend HOURS in there now. I love to sit in the chair and read next to the window. Darren's sitting there working right now. I make the bed every day (ME!!) and keep the room pristine. It's a retreat within our own house. The kids know it's special, and think it's kinda cool that they're no longer allowed to bring toys in there, or sit on our bed, or sit in the chair, EVER, unless it's in one of our laps.

oh - and one more photo, especially for my neice Brittani. She gave this Eiffel Tower print to me for Christmas a few years ago, to commemorate Darren and my trip to Paris in 2002. I finally hung it! It makes me happy to think of Brit and then Paris first thing every morning. :)

It was a ton of work, but it's been GLORIOUS to have a space that's all our own. I did it for Darren, but I'm reaping the benefits as much as he is. :)


Darren said...

Thanks, Babe!

I love it. I love it especially because you did it for me. But I also love it because it looks amazing.

You're the best. :-)

Laurie said...

Looks great!!

Stacy, are those light blue paperback books on the bottom shelf in the box set a "Little House on the Prairie" book set?
:-) Looks like the set I have!


Karen Kroner said...

I love it! I wish I could decorate like that..

Christy said...

I'm drooling over that bedding. Where did it come from? Gorgeous job.

Stacy K said...

Christy, it came from Target about 4 years ago, but has since been discontinued. :(

Stacy K said...


Yes, those are the Little House books! :)

Midnite Scrapper said...

Looks great Stacy! I've always known that our bedroom should be the most special room in the house - a refuge and retreat - yet somehow, it ends up getting pushed to the end of the priority list. So sad. Kind of like the way I make a big deal scrapbooking the kids and just finally got around to our wedding/honeymoon album. I think this will be my project starting right now. I will post when I do mine. Love the books and special tokens best - oh and the forever for always quote above the bookshelf.

Diana. in Maryland. said...


Lita said...

Love it!! The colours are stunning

Veronica said...

It's beautiful Stacy! I love the golden stripes - and just everything really. I can see why it is a retreat.

JLou said...

Gorgeous Stacy, and I can imagine why you like to spend time there.

It really does look like a retreat :)

Beverly said...

Gorgeous...what a wonderful space to share with the one you love.
Please share with us about the vinyl lettering above the bed. I've seen it mentioned other places but would love to have some "Stacy direction".
Beverly in Odessa

ArlaMo said...

It is just lovely, Stacy!!

I have an entire house you can come and decorate...
(I just know you are dying to visit Washington!)


Indygirl (Cheri) said...

Wow! Looks like magazine pictures!
Could you explain to me a little more about the lettering? My daughter wants to put a bible verse on her wall and I don't know where to start. Thank you Stacy!