Monday, August 04, 2008

I miss Darren and Dani

...and apparently, I've compensated by falling off the wagon.
Last week, I indulged in 2 cheeseburgers, an order of onion rings, an ice cream cone, 2 large snow cones, and 2 dark chocolate Dove bars. I gained a 10th of a pound. That's not a big gain, I know. It's not even worth mentioning. But it makes me cranky to realize that I'd have LOST weight if I'd stayed true to my program. Grrr.

I've gotten some emails asking what my program IS, exactly. I'll elaborate soon.

Darren and Dani return home tomorrow night. They've had a great time so far. They both loved U of Chicago and think it's a perfect fit for Dani. Tomorrow, they have several appointments/interviews at Drew U in New Jersey. This morning, they woke up in D.C.; Darren's been keeping up with his running schedule and had a great run this morning from his hotel, past the Capitol, down the National Mall, around the Lincoln Memorial, past the White House, and back. In 55 minutes, he ran past some of the most famous landmarks in the U.S.!

I've kept very busy around here, in between calorie splurges. I totally upended my house and shook out most of the dust and clutter. I've done some fun, creative stuff, too. Last night, I hosted my Fortress church family. The house was PACKED with people, the air conditioner was blasting, we had two oscillating fans blowing, and STILL we couldn't cool the house down enough. It was 107 degrees outside, the heat index was 114, we were packed like sardines in my family room and kitchen, but even so..... good times. Good times.

But I still miss Darren and Dani. :)


Jacy said...

Just watched the movie College Roadtrip...and here you are writing this post. How awesome that they can have this special time together as Dani prepares for the next big adventure in her life.

Jacy said...

oops....above post was in response to your College Bound blog entry.

CloverGirl said...

I'm glad the trip is going well for them and she really liked U of C. How fun.

I fell off the wagon back in February when I started taking steroids for my radiation. I'd like to get back ON the wagon now that I'm off them. I read your posts for inspiration.