Saturday, March 22, 2008

Personal Bests

Aidan ran his 2nd 5k this morning, and Darren his 4th.
On the way to Trinity Park for the Fort Worth Bunny Boogie, I told Aidan that he was allowed to take off and leave Dad behind if he wanted. The course followed the Trinity River along the jogging trail for 1.5 miles before turning and doubling back down the trail. There was no way he'd get lost or confused about where to go. Plus, I knew that Darren's coworker Bryan would be ahead of Aidan, and would be watching for him after he finished. :)

After the starting gun, Ian and I jumped in the car and raced down the course to the 7th Street Bridge so we could see the guys running. I was able to get some awesome photos from up there.

After I snapped the photos, Ian and I raced back down the hill to the car, and sped toward the finish line. We made it with about 45 seconds to spare; Aidan was already hauling toward the finish line! He beat his previous race time by THREE MINUTES! His official time was 31:16. Darren set a personal best as well, but was about 2.5 minutes behind Aidan. (Just found the official results - Darren's time was 33:28. He pushed it at the end, because there was a 71-year old woman on his heels - she crossed the finish line 11 seconds behind him. He said he refused to be beaten by an old lady. lol!)
They started out together and stayed side by side for the first half of the race, while Darren set the pace for Aidan. Aidan was able to maintain the pace and ended up leaving Darren in his dust at the halfway mark; he even had enough fuel leftover to kick in his booster rockets at the end.

He placed 1st in his age category. To be fair, he was the only kid in his age bracket, so he placed last, too. HA! But whatever. He bested his time, and that's reward enough.

Coincidentally, Bryan and his wife Julie ran their personal bests, too.

Next race: the Fort Worth Zoo RunRun, April 19.
If you're a grandparent reading this, maybe you oughta start planning a trip to Cowtown. ;)


Ginger said...

Yay, Aidan (and Darren too)! Glad he was able to do well despite "not having time to prepare". That kid is tooooo cute!

Brynn said...

WHOO-HOO Aidan, congrats!!! You too Darren. What a neat thing that they can do together.

Lee said...

What a wonderful thing for them to do together :)

Bryan said...

Saturday was a great day for racing, and everyone did an awesome job!

I can't wait to see more of the pictures from the race.

agent713 said...

Way to go!!!