Thursday, March 20, 2008

4 of 5

4/5ths of us are back home in Cowtown tonight. Dani's still in Tennessee. We had wonderful trips; I'll update with photos tomorrow.

For now, I'm gonna follow my friend Melissa's lead and blog something that made me smile each day this week:

Sunday: "Mom!! You did GREAT picking our movies!" - said by Ian, who told me to surprise him with which road trip movies I packed.

Monday: Playing patty cake with Avery.

Tuesday: digging into a brand new jar of creamy peanut butter. There's something about doing that that makes me GIDDY inside. I love it when I'm the lucky one to open a new jar!

Wednesday: the following conversation:
Samuel (8 years old): Mrs. Kocur, I owe you a dollar.
Me: Why do you owe me a dollar?
Samuel: Because you said we could spend a dollar at the store, and I wasn't paying attention. My toy cost two dollars.
Me: Oh, Samuel! You don't owe me a dollar. But thank you for being so honest.
Samuel: Mrs. Kocur? I feel badly about it. I want to give you a dollar.
Joanie (misty eyed): I'm tellin' you. God gave him to me to make ME a better person. He teaches me; it's not the other way around.

Today: forgetting my pillow at Joanie's, and my camera at Ginger's, which meant I had to turn around and go see them both again. They came from opposite directions and met me in a Hobby Lobby parking lot. I didn't do it on purpose, but if I'd thought about it ahead of time, I might have. ;)


Brynn said...

WOW Stacy, it sounds like you had a great trip! Your things to smile about made me smile too, thanks! I'm glad you're back, we missed you on the board.

Kris with a K said...

Glad the family is returning to the homestead, and you'll all have wonderful stories to share with each other! So wonderful to see you again...see you in May, too!

agent713 said...

I totally agree about the peanut butter.

Samuel sounds like a sweetheart. We all need one of him around to keep us accountable!

Ginger said...

You crack me up with the peanut butter. No wonder you hustled over there to make the sandwiches!

I'd add Joel admiring himself in the mirror and saying "HANthsome!" to my list! :wub: