Sunday, March 16, 2008

away we go

As I type, the kids are all asleep in their beds, Darren's asleep in a tent somewhere on the side of Guadalupe Peak, and I'm waiting for the last load of clothes to dry.

In 6 hours, I'll drop off Dani at the airport where she'll board a plane to visit Brittani, (and of course Bobbie, Brianna and Santos) in Tennessee. She'll be there for 7 full days, and she's so excited she can't stand it! She misses her cousin so much.

After that, the boys and I will come back home and I'll do some last minute stuff around the house before heading south for a few days of relaxation. First, we'll stop in Round Rock to spend time with Jeanne, one of my most trusted friends and confidantes. I always feel so safe and loved when I'm with Jeanne; I can't wait to spend time with her again! As an added bonus, we'll meet up with some other Austin-area friends for dinner, and I'm excited to see them, too!

Monday morning, the boys and I will head further south to La Vernia, home of my funny friend Joanie. A few months ago, I was talking about where I'd like to travel this summer (turns out, with the price of gas, we WON'T be travelling), and she said, "I wanna know when you're gonna come visit ME." I replied, "Spring Break." Nothin' like inviting yourself, huh? :) Not only did I invite myself, but I invited other friends to join us as well! Diane and Sarah can't make it, but Ginger and Sue will be crashing LaVerniaPalooza, as we've lovingly dubbed it. Poor Joanie. I think she didn't expect me to take her seriously. ;) But I love me some Joanie, and I love that I won't have to share her with a whole room of 50 other scrapbookers this time. It'll just be 4 crazy women and about 12 kids. WHEE! We've made no plans, other than sitting on the front porch drinking ice cold cherry coke and watching the kids play, and that sounds delicious to me.

Ashlie Cat will watch over things here at home; Mecca and Ella Blu will visit often to give her some kitty love and some Meow Mix. :)

It's kind of weird that we're spending this spring break all separated from each other - Darren there, Dani over yonder, the boys and I down south. We're each going our own way, but our hearts are still one. Homecoming will be sweet at the end of the week. I'm already looking forward to it.:)


Martha in CA said...

And while she was on the road, Stacy called ME! We're making plans for Dallas/Ft Worth in June, and I'm thinkin' I need to make arrangements with some San Antone friends whilst I'm THERE!

Can't believe it's Spring Break already!

(hope you have a safe and fun road trip, Stace! thanks for callin'...miss you too! MUAH!)

tosin said...

Wonderful that you are all confident enough in yourselves to each follow your own heart's content, but connected enough to miss each other while you are apart.

Give that Jeanne a big fat hug for me and tell her I'll see her soon!!


agent713 said...

12 kids?!?! Sounds like y'all'll (<-- can I do that?) LOL You, will all, (there) fit together well.

Have fun and give each of them a super big hug from me :D

Lee said...

How exciting! You're all going to have such a fabulous time. Colour me St. Paddy's day green ... with envy. Love & Hugs ...