Sunday, September 16, 2007

the week in pictures

Ian's teacher said
that if he's gonna
wear tie shoes
to school, he needs
to learn to tie them.
Okay, then. Darren
showed him how,
and he's doing great!

Dani got her first-ever
paycheck. GO DANI!
Too bad for her, though.
Since she ran her cell phone
bill SKY HIGH last month,
she had to sign the
whole check over to me.

Aidan brought his first book home from 1st grade. His homework was to read it to me. I love hearing him read. His inflection - especially when he does the "voices" of the characters in the story - is FANTASTIC. The kid's gonna be in drama class as soon as it's available to him. Mark my words.

1 comment:

Walter Glenn said...

So I have his first drama teacher.
Tennie, I think would love to teach him. She has worked with kids at Theatre Arlington in the past.