Thursday, September 06, 2007


Ian is such a shy kid.

No, really. PAINFULLY shy.

He hates compliments, hates kisses, hates ANYthing that makes him stand out.

He even sorta hates people. LOL! At least, until he gets to know them.

I was really afraid of how he'd handle Kindergarten, because he's such an introvert. He's done a great job, though. He finds his "quite me time" on the playground at recess, and that seems to be enough for him.

Every day, I ask him if he's made any friends. Usually, he growls at me and says, "NO." Yesterday, he offered a bit more info.

"Well. There's this one kid who I think is cool."

"REALLY! What's his name?"


"Olaf, huh? So you wanna be friends with Olaf?"

"No. I just said I think he's cool."

"What makes him cool?"

(tucking chin in his "you're embarrassing me" way) "I just think he looks cool."

"Well, why don't we invite Olaf to play at our house after school?"

Ian, to my surprise, thought that was a FABULOUS idea.
We sat down right then and wrote a note to Olaph.
Ian picked blue construction paper.

"To Olaph", he wrote.

"Olaph? With a p-h?" I asked.

"Yes," said Ian. "I saw it on his folder." lol

"To Olaph. You're invited to play at my house after school." wrote Ian. Then he handed me the marker and said, "You write the rest."

So I wrote, "Your Mom can call my Mom and make plans. Our phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx."

Then Ian finished it with, "From, Ian."

He tucked it in his backpack and had big hopes for a playdate with Olaph.

Today after school, Darren asked, "Did you give your note to Olaph?"

"Yes," Ian answered, then he broke into tears.

"But he just made a Picachu sound and said he didn't want to come!"

Oh, the heartache. Took so much courage for Ian to write and deliver that note. I hope he'll try again!


Anonymous said...

Ahh that is so sweet, kids are funny, and I guess Olaph is alot like Ian so that explains the "koolness" that Ian sees in Olaph. Maybe he will warm up on down the road!

Jackietex said...

I just read your blog to my kids. They want to beat the crud out of Olaph! Lol! Our hearts hurt for Ian.

Colleen said...

I am a little late chiming in here. My heart goes out to Ian. I would tell him that “If that is the way Olaph treats others, then, he may “look” cool, but he’s not the kind of person you want for a friend.”

I say, being “cool” is way over-rated. Only a few receive the designated title. Once they do, they become a slave to the populace. They must be careful to maintain their coolness. You mustn’t hold an opinion that’s different. Don’t behave in any way that is “uncool.” Don’t hang out with “uncool” people. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing your “cool” status. If you never receive the title, then you can’t be knocked off the pedestal. You are free to be yourself, and you don’t have the threat of the crowd breathing down your neck to conform.