Thursday, September 13, 2007

avoiding a relapse... and "Never Wanted Nothing More"

Yesterday, I went in for my 2-week follow-up x-ray and doctor's appointment. I guess the x-ray was clear enough, because the doc didn't call in a new round of antibiotics today. (He mentioned that he might need to, after hearing a faint crackling in my lungs yesterday.)

So... I spent the remainder of yesterday celebrating my newfound "health"; I spent the day at Kristi's and then at Cara's. I'd missed my friends SO much. I'm no good at staying cooped up in the house. Hmpf! But by mid-afternoon, I was wiped out. I actually fell asleep on Cara's couch.

Last night, I had to take Dani shopping for the final touches for her Homecoming dress. She needed shoes, a strapless bra, and jewelry. We managed to knock out all of the shopping in only 4 stops and less than 3 hours, but by the end of it, I could barely keep my head on straight, I was so fatigued. I was in bed before ten o'clock.

I slept all night.
After the kids were off to school, I went back to bed for a nap, and woke up at noon.
At 12:30, I fell asleep again and slept 'til 3. I feel like I could sleep again right now.

A little while ago, I got up and unloaded the dishwasher. By the time I finished the top rack, I was sweating and short of breath. They're not kidding when they say that pneumonia takes a long time to get over. It makes me cranky that I FEEL fine, but have so little energy. I'm ready to GO again! But making myself slow down. I do NOT want to relapse. I can't wait 'til I can gogogogo like I usually do. This fatigue is for the birds!


In other news... I watched Good Morning America this morning and caught a couple of performances by country great Kenny Chesney. Let me assure you: even though I'm a Texan through and through, I'm not a country music fan. But one of his songs this morning just made me SMILE. I've been singing it all day. I love love LOVE the lyrics. I'm gonna buy it. Heidi, are you SO PROUD of me?? :)

Every single verse is sweet, but it's the chorus I've been singing all day.

Well, I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not
and I'm sure happy with what I've got
I live and love and laugh a lot
and that's all I need

I never wanted nothing more
and I never wanted nothing more


agent713 said...

YEAH!!! I AM proud of you! It's a great song isn't it?

"Country Great" I love it :)

Glad to know my influence is rubbing off...although as a Texan you'd THINK it would have been a bit more ingrained :D


Anonymous said...

When I had pneumonia a few summers ago, it took AGES before I could "GOGOGO" Like I usually did, unfortunately. I remember FINALLY feeling better, but still being out of breath and exhausted by doing something as simple as folding laundry.

This is your body telling you that you STILL need rest girl!!!

I don't remember exactly (trying to block it out now? lol?) but I think by the time I got to that point it was another 6-8 weeks before I felt totally normall again! (sorry!)

so, go take a nap. nap all day if you like...

get better soon! Laurie (Lars in NH)