Saturday, September 15, 2007

accepting gifts

Tonight, I was offered a very generous gift, and my first impulse was to say, "I can't accept it." Why? I don't know. I always feel unworthy of gifts, especially when they come at unexpected times and from people I'd never expect them from.

And tonight wasn't the first one. Last week, one of my best friends offered to buy me an airplane ticket to come see her. I turned her down. I can't afford to go on my own dime, but it seems so ... I dunno, presumptuous isn't the right word, 'cause I never thought about HER paying when I decided I couldn't afford it... but I think you know what I'm saying. Don't you? lol. I can't explain it. I don't feel deserving of such a gift. Even though she offered and WANTS to do it. I feel weird letting her.

And tonight's gift - I accepted it, although reluctantly at first, and then GREEDILY at last, LOL... but I still feel awkward about it, even though I know that the giver feels joyful about giving it and was so pleased when I accepted it.

I've always been a terrible receiver of gifts.
I always feel unworthy.
I always feel greedy, even if it's something I haven't asked for, or even dreamed of.

Tonight, I feel overwhelmed. Humbled. And yes... totally unworthy of the gift bestowed upon me. I tried to be gracious, but MAN. I don't think I pulled it off. Mostly, I was just speechless.

the challenge:
So what about you?
Are you a gracious receiver?
Tell us about a gift you've received, and how you reacted to it.
Tell us about a gift you've GIVEN, and how the recipient's reaction made you feel.


Anonymous said...

First to know what the gift was would be awesome....

You do deserve gifts Stace, you are such a giver yourself... be happy people love you enough to bestowe their love to you!

Elaine said...

I'm still bitter. LOL

Anyway... I think being forced to accept others' help while on bedrest and after my surgeries has made me a better recipient of gifts. It is humbling.

But think how much joy you get from giving, and realize that you're denying someone else that joy when you turn them down. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I love to give! Give, give, give! That's all I think about. Everywhere I am I am looking for things other people would love. I can't help it. I take after my mom! A lot of times I give something no one even wants, but it made me think about them in the store, so I buy it!(my mom again!)

Anyway...I am a terrible receiver. I try to be nice, and put on a show, but I feel so unworthy and when its my birthday or Christmas, I hate telling peolple what I want. I feel like I am being greedy or needy! I hate that! Where does it come from? i don't like it and my husband can't stand it, but I still do not want to tell him when I want something or see something I