Saturday, September 01, 2007

first week of school

Ian started Kindergarten last Monday. I didn't expect him to love it. He didn't.

But he didn't HATE it, either. He was even excited that morning, and as I brushed his hair, he said, "Hey. I look like a pretty good Kindergartener!" He had a spring in his step as we walked up the street to school, and was fine all the way down the hallway to his classroom. But when we stepped inside and heard two other little boys crying their heads off, he stopped in his tracks and refused to go another step. I'd nudge him forward, and he'd take three steps back.

I said, "Ian, you can sit anywhere you want. How 'bout in this chair, at this table with all these boys?"


"Then how 'bout at that table over there, where no one is sitting yet?"

"Okay," he said.

"But you know, with all those empty seats, a girl might come and sit by you."

He immediately took the seat at the boys' table. lol!

He was timid, hesitant and a little unnerved, but he didn't cry. I reminded him that Aidan would be right down the hall the whole day, and then I walked away. He would not say goodbye to me, and wouldn't give me a hug. TOUGH GUY. Hmpf.

After school, I took the three kids to Cracker Barrel for dessert, a tradition that Dani and I began when SHE was a Kindergartener. We've done it every first day of school since. Aidan told us about his day (he LOVES 1st grade - no surprise there), and Dani told us about hers, but Ian had nothing to tell.

"I don't remember," he answered when I asked what he did.
"Did your teacher read any books?"
"Yes. Three."
"What were they?"
"The first one was called The Kissing Hand."
"And what were the others?"
"I don't remember."
"Hmm. What else did you do?"
"I said I don't remember."
"Ian, surely you remember SOMETHING."
"Don't ask me what I did at school, because I DON'T REMEMBER."

So I asked him if he liked it. He replied with an emphatic NO. At bedtime, he said, "I think I really DID like Kindergarten." Then he grinned sheepishly, tucked his chin, and shielded his eyes.

Ian is a clone of his daddy. They look exactly alike, they're both scary smart, and they're both painfully shy. Darren has largely outgrown and learned to deal with his shyness, but he still has a hard time in crowds and at large parties. Ian is exactly the same way. One time last year, I invited a neighbor girl over to play with him, shortly after Aidan started school. Ian spent the whole time hiding under the coffee table, and refused to come out. I never made THAT mistake again! (Ian HATES girls!!) His favorite thing about the school day is recess, but not because he gets to play. It's because he gets to be ALONE. Every day, I ask, "Who'd you play with on the playground?" He looks at me like I'm stupid for asking again, and says, "Myself."

He's gonna do just fine. :)


Brandi said...

Oh, that picture is just adorable!!! He's very expressive. I love it - and can't wait to see the layout for that one!

Hope he's still enjoying school...and that no girls are bugging him.


Menjiness said...

What a cutie pie. That serious face. Cute cute cute!

Hoping the girls that are full of cooties will stay far far away.

Anonymous said...

He is so Darren... hahahah so sweet. I can see it.. MYSELF...
love it!

Hope he is enjoying his kinder year!
Audrey broke her wrist Thursday at school.. crazy girl.. just like her dad

Veronica in Aus said...

Oh - that face!!! I could just kiss him....except...he doesn't like girls...bwahahaha!!!

Patti in LC said...

Love the picture. What a cuite.