Friday, April 27, 2007

progressive. that's me.

Last week, my optometrist put me in BIFOCALS. I've since learned that the correct, hipper term for what he put me in is PROGRESSIVES. I dunno. They both make me feel old.

When I picked out my new frames last week, I was sorta in mid-life crisis mode. I decided that TO HECK WITH IT, if I was gonna have to wear bifocals, I might as well have fun doing it. I chose some groovy frames.

I spent the last week hoping I wasn't going to spank myself when I tried on the real deal. Tonight was the night. I waltzed into EyeMasters and slid the new frames on my face, braced myself for the harsh reality... and guess what? I STILL LIKE 'EM! Wait. Let me qualify that. I like the frames. The lenses are throwing me for a complete loop. I suppose I'll get used to 'em.

I spent the last half hour mugging for the camera. Hey. If I have to enter my mid-life years in BIFOCALS, I deserve to enjoy 30 minutes of narcissicism, dontcha think? :)

On the left are the old ones. New ones on the right.

Good thing I never aspired to be a model.

Oh no you did NOT just say that.

s'ok. I can take it. What do you think?


Menjiness said...

They are so you!!!

Anonymous said...

Very stylish and coooolll! I think they make you look young (well, you always look young) but perhaps they make you look younger & hipper (is that a word).

I have no idea what the correct hip lingo is ... but I think you look great!

Darn, I can't remember my password!

Kris with a K said...

those are way cool! love your choice!

Tonya said...

They are totally you! I love them.

nesa scraps said...

i love the funky fresh look of the new frames. so wish i could pull of frames like that! you go girl!

Midnite Scrapper said...

Glasses are way more cool now then they ever were before! You look great AND hip, I mean progressive. :0)

Anonymous said...

it's weird, but these frames actually make you look younger (not that you looked old before). Very nice.


Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVE them, I love,love,love,love them
they are so you Stace.

Karen K

Martha in CA said...

Those are GREAT! And so, well, so PROGRESSIVE!!!

Deb ~PPD~ said...

Looking good girl and I love the little bling, bling on the glasses (matches your white blouse you have on too)! Bill went with those progressive lens & he missed the first step up into the house for the first week...LOL!!!

Sue said...

Isn't it funny how as soon as you get new glasses, the old ones seem so...old??? LOL! You look great. I love that they're darker, they're not TOO cat-eye-ish, and the little rhinestones are FUN!

Karen ~ Scrappin K said...

I think you look full of spunk in these new glasses! Hmmmph ... maybe I need some new glasses. *U*

Looking good, girl!

(Scrappin K)

Amy said...

I love the new glasses! You look so chic & trendy!

CMSheriTX said...

You are just such a cutie pie. I'm betting they all look great on you!

Maureen said...

They're really COOL Stacy, I like 'em!

Brenda T said...

Stacy you look so sophisticated!
Love them on you,