Monday, April 09, 2007

I miss the mountains

As we start thinking about this summer's vacation - will there BE a vacation? - I realize once again that the mountains are calling me.
As I start thinking about the scrap retreat I'm attending in a couple of weeks, and wondering which pictures I should print and scrap, I realize that the photos from last summer's trip to Colorado are begging to be documented.
But ALAS! I can't take those, because Darren wants to scrap them with me.
Don't laugh.
Real men DO scrap.

As evidenced by this page (and the subsequent 11 pages that go with it), which Darren created all by his lonesome about 6 years ago. So proud of his achievement (the mountain summiting AND the scrapbooking!) even after all these years.

I miss the mountains.


Ann said...

I am fortunate that I get to gaze at the mountains each and every day. I don't take them for granted after living in California for many years. I know it won't really help, but I'll take an extra look just for you!

Martha said...

And they miss you too! Just last night I swear I heard the wind blowing an echo (coming off those Rocky Mtn. foothills) saying something like "Stacy, we're waiting for you!"

That's the good thing about those mountains, they aren't going anywhere...