Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'm happy. Wanna see why?

I just threatened Ian with kisses if he comes back downstairs again tonight. That'll keep him in his bed, Guar-awn-teed.

Big storms today and tonight... finally enough rain to fill the lakes again.
Funnel clouds dancing all around us.
We actually prepared to huddle in the downstairs bathroom this time. US! We're usually the ones who stand out in the street and watch the sky when tornado sirens go off. Well, wait. We did THAT tonight, too, but we were still prepared to head for the bathroom. I had my shoes nearby, and my cell phone and camera in my pockets. Just in case. LOL! Lots of flooding. I guess the drought is at long last OVER! :)

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. The next two weeks will be, too. And then it should slow down around here. Looking forward to it. :)


mamakaki said...

So glad you're back! Glad to see all of that rain, too. I understand Dani was in MY bathtub, and Brenda and I were in HERS! - picture that, or don't! I love Willie, too - isn't he God all wrapped up in a teen! - LOVE HIM!!

Anonymous said...

So happy that you are back! So happy for the rain too! I understand and Dani was in MY bathtub tonight and Brenda and I were in HERS - picture that or don't! I love Willie so much - he is God all wrapped up in the cutest teen! - LOVE HIM!!

Kris with a K said...

I'd be out there watching the tornader too! I have a photo of the one that went over Cedar Park years ago. (I did run with the kids into our closet soon after the photo!)

We got nary a drop here. Was really hoping for that good sleeping kind of storm. Sigh.

agent713 said...

All of you? In that little bathroom? That would have would have been a sight to see LOL