Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It's after midnight on tax deadline day.
Do you know where your 1099 is?

I don't.

One of my clients is actually a personal secretary for one of the families I scrapbook for. She's the one I work with; she's the one who pays me. She treats me as a contractor, and so I get a 1099. Can't find it. It's somewhere in the piles of papers around here. Somewhere.

The most ridiculous thing? We're gettin' a refund. And we STILL waited 'til the last minute to file.


Tornado Friday night. No one we know suffered damage, but several that we know and love were in harm's way and were spared. Darren himself was on the Trinity Rail Express with our live-in intern, Zach, and 6 Fortress kids. They were on their way to a Dallas Mavericks game. Their train left downtown at 6:02. The tornado touched down at 121 and Haltom Road mere minutes before the train crossed the intersection. They hit a big metal pole and dragged probably a half mile of cable before the train came to a stop. There were also large branches and other debris under the train, whose breaking system was damaged during the ordeal. They're so lucky that the train didn't derail, and that the engineer decided to stop for a few minutes just out of downtown because of the weather - otherwise, they'd have been in the tornado's path instead of just behind it. I was scared to death as I tracked the tornado's path with the weather man, and talked to Darren on the cell phone. Darren and I are both convinced that God's the one who put it on that engineer's heart to stop the train. It wasn't coincidence. God is good all the time. And all the time, God is good.

Had a LOT of fun this weekend with Heidi, my friend from British Columbia. I've known her for several years on, but had never met her in person until this weekend. She stayed at our house for two nights and attended church with us Sunday morning. I love Heidi! She's warm, engaging, fun to be with, intelligent and happy. I feel so blessed to have met her face to face after all these years!

Spent time with one of my favorite friends ever, Denise. Met her Mom and her sister, and Aidan played with Denise's twin boys. Such good times every time Denise and I are together. I wished she lived closer than 6 hours away!

Spent time with a new friend, Tonya, who shares my penchant for Sonic drinks and scrapbooking. She's also a beautiful, encouraging, spirit-lifting, God-loving woman and I'm glad we're finally getting to know each other better!

Scrapbooked with Kristi and the Fortress gals on Sunday. Nikki made my heart smile. MAN, I love that girl! She makes me happy just by being in the room with me.
Cara comes home from Cancun tomorrow. I've missed her. It feels good to miss a friend, ya know? It means there's something there worth missing.

Big deadline for work this week.
Worrying about money.
Need new glasses in the worst way.
Can't find my creativity ANYwhere.
Busy, busy 4 weeks approaching.

Breathe. Just breathe.


Sue said...

Sigh...many of the same feelings here!!!! Especially the glasses part...gah. I've needed them for years, had a new prescription since October, and STILL haven't wanted to part with the money.

Anonymous said...

try this again.. testing one two

Anonymous said...

wow it let me do it...
ok to comment i was suppose to be your first.... I am getting some Lasik on Monday... i can't wait!
let's lunch soon : )

nesa scraps said...

so good to know that darren and zach and the others were not hurt or in harms major way. As i was getting ready for work and watching everything on the telly i was wondering if you were anywhere close to the area that was getting hit.

strange how we can worry about those that we barely know, and feel relieved when we know that they are okay.