Friday, December 23, 2005


Hoo BOY! This is my favorite thing in the whole wide WORLD!!

I've picked the perfect gift for Darren, and I'm busting at the seams to give it to him.

I've found the PERFECT book for Dani, and I want her to open it now!

I found the perfect fabric for Aidan's blankie. It'll be an exact replica (only bigger) of his beloved baby blankie... black satin on one side and furry leopard print on the other. He LOVES that thing, and is constantly bemoaning the fact that he's too tall for it now. So I'm making him a BIGGER one. 'Cept about 2 minutes ago, I gave myself permission to just wrap up the fabric and sew it next week. He'll get to drag the two big chunks of fabric around for a few days, and I think he'll enjoy that. And seeing as how I leave town in 9 hours, I'm likin' the idea a LOT. Even so, I can't wait to give it to him.

Santa scored THE dream gifts for the boys (yes, I finally found out what they wanted. I think I wore them down until they caved and TOLD me, lol).

But what I'm most excited about giving this year are the two gifts for my sister. I can not WAIT for her to open them!! I'd post about 'em here, but she reads this thing faithfully, silly girl that she is.

I feel like the lady on those old Mervyn's commercials, standing at the door saying "Open Open Open". That's how I feel about Christmas morning. "Open Open Open Open!!" I can't wait to give my gifts! :-)

Merry Christmas to you all!


Cara said...

call and tell me what Santa is bringin!!

Karen said...

I am so bad about presents that Kraig convinced me that we wanted to open one of our presents last night, I finally caved in not wanting to but knowing whatever it was he had he REAAAALLLY wanted to give to me, so we exchanged one of them... he got a dartboard... i got my princess cut 1/2 carat diamond ring... but there is a but, he added my birthstone on either side to say. NOPE this is not an engagement ring but it is warmer up..... Finger mussel if you will. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Stacy said...

Cara, I can't call you 'cause the boys are sitting right here... but Santa is bringing Spiderman WebShooters and light-up masks, those Transformers we talked about (costco was out when I went back, by the way - sorry!), and a Sodor Bay Bridge for the train table, thanks to my friend Erin. :)

KAREN!!!! I can't wait to see it! A warmer-upper ring is better than NO ring, right? Still, I can imagine your disappointment when it didn't come with The Question. Love you bunches and bunches. :-)

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Will you be posting what these perfect gifts are after Christmas? I hope so... JERICA